Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Janus Henderson Global Investors: a truly global asset manager!

Well, that's nice. Yes, it's a merger. [Or it will be, soon.] Between Henderson Global Investors and Janus Capital. Obviously, Henderson Global wasn't "global" enough, but now they're going to be truly global. 'Oh. So they were lying to us before, boss?' Sort of. I don't know, Voice. They were global, I suppose. Just not truly global. Janus Capital is big in America, you see. While Henderson are more European. 'Yeah, it's like a merger between Depeche Mode and Oasis.' What?! 'If those two bands came together, they would be truly global.' Oasis doesn't even exist no more, idiot! And I'm not sure about Depeche Mode either. Stop talking nonsense! 'Okay.' Please!

Jesus! This isn't a music blog ... / Anyway, the new firm, Janus Henderson Global Investors, will have $320 billion in assets under management. 'AUM, boss.' That's what I said. / I just hope all the employees at the two firms will be able to come together in peace and harmony, you know? 'As long as they're not sacked, man.' Er, I don't think anyone is suggesting that, Voice. Well, let's hope not.


Well, well ... / Ha! Let's move on ... to Brexit! 'Christ!' Exactly! / What a mess, eh? It just gets worse. The PM says we're getting HARD BREXIT ... and then the pound collapses. Beautiful! 'If she had kept her big mouth shut, maybe we could still afford to go on a foreign holiday.' Yeah, or import some food. What the fuck are we going to eat now?! Seriously.

Music? I'm listening to Help! by The Beatles. I mean, the album, yeah? 'A nice album.' Yeah. / I like You're Going To Lose That Girl. Especially the bit where Ringo falls through the floor. 'Eh?' In the film. While they were playing the song, some nutters were sawing a hole around Ringo's drums. 'Why?!' Who knows?! It's not a great film. / By the way, some scenes of the film were filmed in the pub next to my regular pub. 'Why don't you go to that pub then?' Because the beer is crap, and they don't have Oliver Cromwell's ghost, that's why.

My music? I'm just rehearsing my new songs at the moment, getting ready for the new demo. 'Cool!' I ain't taking any prisoners with this one. Forget about SOFT DEMO, man. This will be HARD DEMO. 'You better believe it, baby!' Oh, I do.