Sunday, 9 October 2016

Private equity firms are optimistic about raising funds

Well, who knew that, eh? YOU(!) ... uh, do now, dear reader(s). Yes, yes, it's the Sunday night PR email, back by popular demand. 'Er ... Sunday night, boss?' Yes, Voice. Do you have a problem with that? 'No.' I want to watch the Clinton/Trump debate later tonight, and tomorrow ... I’ll just write one conceptual. 'Okay.'

Anyway ... / Oh, I'm endorsing Hillary Clinton, by the way. 'You mean this blog is, boss.' Well, I'm endorsing her as the editor of this blog. I don't want my readers over there, America, like ... voting for disaster. Enough is enough! 'Will they listen to you, your American readers?' I'm pretty sure they will, Voice. I have a lot of influence in America. I have a lot of influence all over the world. 'Of course you do!' Yes, of course I do.

Anyway ... / Oh, uh, sorry about yet another PR email, by the way, reader(s). Christ! 'Ha!' I mean, they're easy, you know? I don't have to do anything, much. I get sent the email, I pull the bits out that I like, or even the bits I don't like, I add a few stupid comments, and ... it's done! 'It's like being a journalist, boss. That's all they do.' I know. They really take the piss, man. But if you can't beat them, join them, you dig?

Anyway ... / Where was I? 'The email.' Yes, the email. I almost forgot. What am I writing about? 'Private equity firms are optimistic about raising funds.' That's it!

New research from FIRST, a leading global events agency, reveals that over the next three years, 63% of private equity professionals think the level of funds raised by the industry will increase when compared to the previous three years. Only one in five (20%) expect it to fall.

Brilliant! I'm really happy for them. 'Er ... happy for their optimism?' Well, why not?

Some 69% of those anticipating it to become easier to raise funds say it is because investors are increasingly looking to diversify their portfolios, and they will therefore increase their exposure to private equity. Some 27% believe it is because returns from private equity will become more attractive. When it comes to which geographical regions private equity professionals believe offers the industry the best investment opportunities, 55% cite Europe, followed by 43% who said North America. One in three (33%) think Asia is an attractive market for private equity, followed by 18% who said this about Africa.    

Europe? Really? Mainland Europe, I suppose. 'Brexit Britain?! Hardly!' Just food banks for us!

The research from FIRST reveals that with many private equity professionals feeling optimistic about the future prospects of the industry, 29% plan to attend more industry events and conferences over the next 12 months than they did in the previous year, compared to 7% who think they will be going to fewer. 83% of those planning to attend more say it's because they need to increase their level of networking for fund raising purposes, and also to help finance attractive investment opportunities.

Who are these miserable [bastard] seven percent who'll be going to fewer conferences? Never mind. It's their funeral. / 'I wonder what Mark Riches says ...' Ha! Is that his real name? 'Yes.' Oh, okay.

Mark Riches, MD FIRST - UK said: "These are exciting times for the private equity sector, and our research shows the level of networking is increasing. Many private equity firms are expanding their reach into new sectors and geographies, and the importance of meeting investment prospects, investors and business partners has never been greater."

Nice one.


So ... anything else? No. Laters.

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