Thursday, 27 October 2016

DataCentred announces £1 million funding package ...

Uh ... to expand openstack infrastructure as it launches browser based openstack terminal. / Well, it's computer stuff, ain't it, dear reader(s)? Barclays is mixed up in it. I don't know what's going on. Computers ain't my scene, man. 'Why are you writing about it, boss?' Because, Voice, it's the Thursday morning PR email, back by popular demand, and I've got to write about something. I didn't like the look of the other ones.

DataCentred, the UK's leading provider of OpenStack-based cloud services, is delighted to announce a £1m funding package from Barclays and existing shareholders. The funding will allow DataCentred to further expand its OpenStack infrastructure and invest in new staff. The funding package coincides with the launch of a new browser-backed OpenStack terminal, which for the first time, allows users to access an OpenStack command line interface from any web browser, including tablets and smart phones, and start creating and managing services. This new initiative will strengthen DataCentred's position as the UK's leading provider of data centre and open source processing and computer storage.

Okay. Whatever.

The DataCentred browser-based OpenStack terminal provides innovative new features, including:

A browser-based terminal which launches instantly with the necessary credentials to log-in, with no need to install or manually configure the official OpenStack client and the associated dependencies.

The terminal can be launched from any web browser including mobile devices.

With built-in support, the terminal lists commands, arguments, syntax and so on to help users learn how to create and administer services quickly.

The terminal is based on an innovative use of containers, with micro services being used to execute each command.

Well, I mean, as long as they're happy, you know? 'Ha! I'm just wondering what Dr Mike Kelly has to say about all this.' Who?! 'The big boss.' Oh yeah, of course. Big Mike. 'I mean, is he delighted, or what? You say happy, but is he delighted?' Jesus H. Christ! I should imagine he is delighted, Voice, but you never know with his sort. Let's find out ...

Dr Mike Kelly, CEO of DataCentred, said: "We are delighted to have secured this £1m funding package which will allow us to remain on the cutting edge of product development. Our DevOps team continually pushes the boundaries of product development to ensure that customers have access to pioneering technologies which allows them to manage their data requirements through the most flexible and secure means."

Yeah, he's delighted. They all are, everyone at DataCentred. So, it's quite a result then. I bet they'll be in the pub tonight. 'Tomorrow night, boss. Friday.' Oh yeah, I forgot. Thursday isn't the end of the working week for everyone.

BUT IT IS FOR ME!!! Laters.