Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Nick Graziano has got his Venetus Partners thing going on!

Yes, yes ... it's a new hedge fund, dear reader(s). [Uh, I think he's had it a while, our Nick, but he has seed capital now from Constellation Seeding.] And here's the really exciting thing. You won't believe this, guy(s). It's what Bloomberg says about him, about our Nick himself, yeah? 'Oh, boss. This is getting a bit old, ain't it? We all know that Bloomberg says: This person is connected to 0 board members in 0 different organizations across 0 different industries.' Ha! No, Voice. You're wrong, you little idiot! 'All right, all right. It says, er ... This person is connected to 1 board members in 1 different organizations across 0 different industries.' Ha! Ha! Ha! Wrong again. How does it feel to be so wrong, Voice?

This is what Bloomberg says about Mr Nick Graziano, the founder of Venetus Partners ... This person is connected to 54 board members in 1 different organizations across 6 different industries.

YES!!! / What do you think? Voice? What do you think? Voice?! [Where is he, reader(s)?!] 'Uh, uh ...' What?! 'Boss, I'm here, I'm here ...' Okay. 'I'm just ...' Ha! You're speechless! That's what you just are, man! Speechless! 'This is fucking incredible, Mikey!' Fifty-four board members! Have we ever seen anything like it? 'Never! We've never seen anything like it.' And six different industries! 'Christ!' It's beyond belief.

Ha! 'Ha!' Ha! / Anyway, our, uh, Nick hopes to start trading next Tuesday, the beginning of November. It will all be alternative/activist stuff, apparently. And LinkedIn says that Nick has worked at Corvex Management, some FICO thing [what's that when it's at home?], Omega Advisors, uh, that FICO thing again [what the hell is FICO thing?! seriously], Sandell Asset Management, Icahn Associates, March Partners, Salomon Smith Barney, and ... er, that's it. 'Well, that's enough, boss.' Yes, Voice, it is. Our Nick has certainly been around. 'But has he been a-ROUND?' Eh? What? 'I said, has he been a-ROUND?' Er, what do you mean? 'With capitals, boss.' Oh, you mean my conceptual shit. No, Nick hasn't been a-ROUND. 'Will he be a-ROUND, later?' No. I'm writing about something else. 'Oh, okay.' Jesus!

Yeah, No. 459. Coming later, blog fan(s)!


Anything else? Music? I'm listening to Bleach, Nirvana's first album. / A lot of Cobain's lyrics are pretty weak. However, they seem to work with the music, strangely.

My music? I'm seriously thinking about becoming the biggest rock star in the world, like Jim Maclaine in Stardust. [Not just a songwriter. I mean ...] Let's face it, there's no competition at the moment. [Is Kanye West a rock star?] Obviously, my age is against me, but ... I reckon it's all about the [new] songs, man. You dig?