Monday, 31 October 2016

Battlebourne Capital Management - ?!

Christ! My head! 'Aspirin?' I've had some. / Uh. Cake. Yellow and pink squares ... no, no, no. / You're probably wondering what it is, dear reader(s). Well, I don't blame you. Even Google is wondering. Earlier, I typed Battlebourne Capital Management into search, and Google asked me: Did you mean Battleborn Capital Management? 'Ha!' / Er, well, no, I didn't. I meant Battlebourne Capital Management. That's why I typed it in. 'Unbelievable!' I know what I want.

Anyway, this, uh, thing, whatever you want to call it, is - 'Rover.' I'm talking about the fund. 'Oh.' Yeah, it's just a new hedge fund that is being launched (eventually, soon) by two ex-Silver Rock Financial executives, David Goldburg and Adam Scotch. 'What does Bloomberg say about them, boss?' Oh, I don't know, man. I haven't looked. 'Are you going to look?' No.

Yeah, reader(s), it's just a new hedge fund. There's nothing odd about. 'It's not scary or anything.' Er, no. 'It's Halloween!' Okay. / Dave and Adam, they're going to invest in the debt of undervalued companies, I think. 'Nice.' They want to raise $100 million first. So ... go on then, Voice! 'If wishes were horses, Mikey, beggars would ride.' Thank you, Voice. Yeah, thanks for that.

Jesus! I've got a headache/migraine this morning. A bad one. So it's a bit of a struggle, doing this. I changed the strings on my acoustic guitar on Saturday, ready for recording, like. I won't manage it today, feeling like this. [The strings are too fresh, anyway.] But I'll probably write a conceptual later. I just hope I can get a nice cheese sandwich for lunch, you know? One of those long rolls, maybe ...

New York. They're in New York. 'Who are?!' The guys. The guys with the fund. 'Oh, right.'


Anything else? More pills!