Thursday, 13 October 2016

Upstart indexer challenges benchmark huge or monstrous creatures!

Well, well ... / Yes, dear reader(s), it's the Thursday morning PR email - back by popular demand - and the last post of the week. Something about big monsters, believe it or not. 'I don't believe it, boss.' Well, you better believe it, idiot. Behemoths. 'What?!' Christ! Upstart indexer challenges benchmark behemoths. 'Oh, that's a bit different, ain't it? Not what you were saying before.' Ha! Chill out, man! Can't I have a laugh, Voice?

Hi Michael, today, S-Network Global Indexes, a provider of proprietary and custom indexes serving ETFs and other financial products with over $5 billion in AUM, announced the release of an extensive equity benchmark suite covering the US, Europe, Pacific, Developed, and Emerging Market regions.

'Who is that, talking?' Ha! You're not the only voice, Voice. You've got competition!

New York, NY, October 12, 2016 - S-Network Global Indexes, Inc. today announced a new suite of nearly 70 benchmark indexes. The suite includes equity benchmarks covering US, Europe, Pacific, Developed, and Emerging Market regions, complete with sector sub-indexes.

'It's all deja vu shit, Mikey! Get on with it!' All right. Bear with me, reader(s).

The US series also groups by market capitalization, and growth vs. value styles. The equity benchmarks include only operating companies; REITs and MLPs are represented in separate benchmarks under the Alternative Investment category.

'Yeah, yeah.'

"We're pleased to help fulfil a need in the market for low cost, 100% rules-based indexes that are supported by accurate historical price and constituent-level data," said Joseph LaCorte, co-founder and CEO of S-Network Global Indexes. "The indexes provide unprecedented levels of transparency and utility and may be used as the underlying universes for 'smart beta' indexes, performance benchmarking, and institutional investment. Significantly, the S-Net benchmark family offers methodologies that for the first time are consistent across geographic regions, capitalization groupings, selection criteria and weighting formulae."

That's Joe, that is. Talking, like. 'I know.'

The new S-Network suite of benchmarks highly correlate to comparable major benchmarks while offering improvements at the global level. The new family of interlocking, complementary indexes form a methodologically consistent whole without sacrificing correlation with comparable major benchmarks. Time series comparisons are available in S-Network’s interactive index comparison tool.

'Who's that, then?' I don't know, man.

"There has long been a need among institutional investors for a comprehensive family of benchmark indexes that are fair, open, transparent and, most importantly, low cost," said Herbert Blank, S-Network's head of business development.

Ah, Herbie, of course. 'Of course. Where's Pat?'

The S-Network Global Benchmarking System features daily constituent files and index values for price, total return, and net total return variants in USD and Euro from December 31, 1999. The data will be available via S-Network's FTP, as well as most major data providers.

'For fuck's sake! That ain't our Pat!' Hang on, Voice.

"An important use for these indexes is in the burgeoning smart beta space, where strong demand exists for fully cleansed data that has been aggregated into logical sets," said Patrick Shaddow, S-Network's Director of Index Development.

You see? 'Yeah. Thanks.' You're welcome.


Well, well ... / So, it's all done, yeah? My duty. I've done my duty for another week. 'What about all the other PR emails you've been sent in the last few days, boss?' Give me a break! Please! I'm exhausted.

Anything else? Music? I'm listening to Eric Clapton, the Beano album. I've been neglecting my lead guitar practice lately. 'Why?!' Jesus! Writing new songs, man. There are only so many hours in the day. I can't do everything.

Lunch? 'Cheese sandwich?' I don't know yet. Tesco might not even have any fucking food on the shelves ...

Well, have a nice weekend, reader(s). Laters.