Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Dickie Hodges is worried about Brexit

Well, we're all worried, son. Those of us with more than one brain cell, anyway. 'Boss.' What? What, Voice? 'Who the hell is Dickie Hodges?! Please.' Ha! Christ! Dickie Hodges, my little invisible friend, is a fund manager. 'Oh.' He manages the Nomura Global Dynamic Bond fund at, uh ... Nomura, I suppose. And he's a head of something, too. 'Oh. Nice. And what does Bloomberg say about him?' Ha! I couldn't find anything. However -

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... is the normal thing. We all know that. / So, Brexit. It's going to be an absolute disaster for the economy. Soft or hard. It doesn't matter, really. Just because some mentals want this "sovereignty" and "control" shit that don't even exist to be frank. 'Outside of their fevered imaginations, boss.' Of course. It's utter madness. / Well, Fund Web or Strategy Thing have got the story, article thing. 'Eh? What story?' Go and have a look, Voice, the website. What Dickie says about it, Brexit.

Jesus H. - !!! I mean ... / And to make matters worse, David Davis has already submitted to the EU's demands about the timetable for negotiations, divorce bill, etc. We were told by our rulers that they would be strong and - 'Stable, boss.' Shut up! We were told they would kick ass, basically. But they can't. The UK is in a weak position. We will get whatever crumbs the EU decides to give us. 'And yet -' And yet, if we stay in, Voice, we can continue to grow and be friends with everyone like a normal civilized nation. 'Not -' Not like a bunch of freaks, man, on some weird little island, cut off from the world. 'Yeah.' Fuckin' A, yeah! I'm already talking American, you see? 'You've always used phrases like that, boss.' Okay, Voice, okay. That's a fair point.

But you see what I mean, dear reader(s), don't you?