Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Nothing in particular

I'm writing about nothing in particular, dear reader(s). Maybe it won't be so bad. It might be an improvement. 'Why, boss? Why?!' Because, Voice, I can't get an internet connection. 'Oh. / How on earth will you publish this post then?' Well, I'm going to wait until I have got an internet connection, silly. 'Oh. / You're so clever!' Yes, I know.

Of course, I could use my smart phone. But I've got to copy and paste some PR shit. I can't do it with the phone. I'll leave that post until tomorrow, anyway. It's no big deal, man.

I suppose I could write about Brexit. 'Ha!' Yeah, I'm sick of it though. With every passing day it looks an even bigger mistake. 'It's going to be an absolute disaster, boss.' Well, obviously. We have a brilliant deal with the EU. So we want to leave now and get a worse deal? It's insane. And we want to trade with countries on the other side of the world that probably ain't even interested? It's totally insane! / However, I don't want to write about it ...

Music? I don't want to write about music either. I don't know if you've noticed, dear reader(s), but this is a finance blog, yeah? If you want to read about music there are plenty of other places you can go to, FFS! Try the NME.

The weather? Well, at least the summer is over now. That's a relief. No more sun. Bring on the snow!

Right. I don't know what else to say. 'Try the connection again.' No. I'll leave it. I can't be bothered.

Uh. Okay. Does anyone know any jokes? 'Er ... who's anyone?' Well, me, and you. 'Do you know any jokes?' No. 'Well, I don't know any jokes either, boss.' Ha! Okay.

My guitar playing is getting better. 'You always say that.' That's because it's always getting better, man.

Lunch? I haven't written about my lunch for ages. I'll be having a cheese and tomato sandwich today. And salt and vinegar crisps. And a peach yoghurt. 'And a can of Coke.' No. I'll be having a glass of water. 'Water?!' Yes. I'm getting healthy, son.

Oh, here we go!