Monday, 12 June 2017

The general election - my analysis

Well, well ... / I was right, wasn't I? The Conservative Party lost its majority and may now have to form a minority government. 'What about the DUP, boss?' Oh, yes, Voice. They will prop the government up for a while, I suppose. However, the best thing would be to have the Labour Party forming a minority government. I mean, they more or less won the election, didn't they? 'Well, yeah ... more or less, boss.' That's what I said, idiot! More or less. They didn't technically win it, but - 'You can say that they won the election ... morally.' Yes. They won it in spirit, as it were.

The question is, dear reader(s): What do we want? Hope, and a bright future? Or austerity, misery, collapse, destruction ... ?! 'It's a no-brainer!' YES! We want a revolution!

Theresa May won't last long. The Conservatives won't last long. The young people who voted for change will keep voting for change. And their numbers will grow.

Brexit is dead now. At the very worst we will have an extremely soft Brexit which will be almost identical to the arrangement we presently have with the European Union. 'But we'll be out of the EU on worse terms!' Slightly out, slightly worse terms, son. That's if it happens at all. Everyone can see now that a full hard Brexit will bring economic ruin to Great Britain. No sensible person will want that on top of the political chaos we already have.

So, who will be the next Conservative leader? 'Ha!' It really doesn't matter. Maybe a hedge fund manager will crawl out of the shadows to take over. Or the editor of the Daily Mail. 'That would make sense, boss. A bit of honesty for a change. It would show the people who's really in charge, like.' Yes, it would certainly be refreshing, Voice. / But it won't save them!

Jeremy Corbyn? Well, the man has grown in stature. I think we all had our doubts about him, dear reader(s). But he's clearly the prime minister in waiting. He just has to strengthen his shadow cabinet, and maybe demote Diane Abbott. I can't see her as home secretary, to be honest with you. 'What about their unrealistic policies, boss?' Ha! Firstly ... they're not unrealistic, man. The rich will lose a bit of money, and the food banks will close. So what? That would be a good thing, surely. Secondly, even if their policies are unrealistic ... SO FUCKING WHAT?! The country is doomed, anyway. We can destroy it the conservative way or the socialist way. WHAT DOES IT MATTER?! 'Eh?! What happened to the message of hope?' Uh ...

Sorry. That was just my natural negativity taking over. I'm sure everything will be fine.


Anything else? That's all the news that's fit to print(?). I don't feel like writing about finance today. And I couldn't find any interesting news, so ... 'PR emails?' I haven't received any lately. Only a few at the end of last week, from nutjobs frightened by the election result. We can dismiss them.

No. 520? Later. Laters.