Thursday, 22 June 2017

Equiteq named boutique investment banking firm of the year

Nice one! It's about time they got some recognition. 'Is it, boss?' Yes, Voice, it is. 'Oh. Who are they then?' Er ... hang on.

Equiteq is a global sector-focused M&A and strategic advisory firm. The company works with the shareholders of knowledge-intensive business services firms, helping them to achieve their business and exit objectives. Equiteq's services are designed to deliver great returns for its clients by accelerating revenue, profit, equity value, and realizing that value in a transaction.

You see? 'Yeah. And you knew all this before, did you?' Before what, man? 'Before you received the PR email yesterday.' Well ... not really, no. I mean ... / Christ! Never mind. Does it matter? I'm happy for them, Equiteq, that's the main thing. It doesn't matter who they are. Just as long as they're doing well, you dig? / And this is how well -

Equiteq, the consulting and IT services sector M&A specialist, is pleased to have won the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year at the 9th Annual International M&A Advisor Awards. The award was announced at the gala award ceremony in New York on 12 June.

Very nice. It's a great achievement. / I think we need to hear from David Jorgenson ...

Commenting upon the award, David Jorgenson, CEO of Equiteq said "I'm thrilled that for the second year in a row, an independent judging committee of top M&A industry experts determined that Equiteq should receive another highly acclaimed award. Equiteq has built a unique global boutique model that is 100% focused on helping owners of knowledge-intensive business services firms achieve their exit goals through sale preparation and transaction execution. We are very proud that our individuality and expertise has set us apart."

Thrilled. Proud. 'Great!' / Now David Fergusson ... 'Who?!' Shut up!

David Fergusson, Co-CEO and President of The M&A Advisor said "Since the introduction of the International M&A Awards in 2009, we have continued to witness the growth of cross-border M&A outpace that of domestic dealmaking volume. And we attribute this to the new generation of global M&A experts whose intimate knowledge and expertise in the cultural, financial and legal arenas are redefining our industry. The 2017 International M&A Award winners represent the best of international M&A industry in 2016 who earned these honors by standing out in a group of very impressive finalists."

That's who! 'He doesn't sound too thrilled or proud.' Leave him alone!


Well, that's it, and that's enough. It's too hot for finance, dear reader(s). 'It's a bit cooler today, boss.' A bit.

Anything else? 'Politics?' Uh. Do we have to? All right. Boris Johnson had an interview with Eddie Mair yesterday on BBC Radio 4. Talk about a car crash! 'Ha!' It was like Ben Swain being interviewed by Jeremy Paxman in The Thick of It. 'He spelt just with four Js!' Boris was like a chicken, an enormous chicken.

Music? Well, I hope we have wintry weather by the weekend because I want to record my two songs. I can't keep rehearsing them. I've almost rehearsed them to death. 'A bit like the Karate Kid, Mikey!' Exactly like the Karate Kid, Voice! 'And he played guitar too, didn't he?' Eh? Oh yeah. In that other film.