Thursday, 8 June 2017

Hamilton Lane Secondary Fund IV - ?

Well, this is interesting. Hamilton Lane wanted $1.25 billion for this thing, right. 'Hamilton Lane? Never heard of him, boss!' It's a firm, stupid. 'Oh.' Look -

Hamilton Lane is an alternative investment management firm providing innovative private markets services to sophisticated investors around the world. The firm has been dedicated to private markets investing for 25 years and currently has 290 employees operating in offices around the world. Hamilton Lane has been named a Best Place to Work by Pensions & Investments for five consecutive years.

Investment firm, see, just like all the others. 'Well, that's a relief.' Yeah, right. Anyway, they wanted $1.25 billion for this thing. 'What thing?' The fund, Voice. The Hamilton Lane Secondary Fund IV. 'Oh, their fourth fund. Why didn't you say?' I did say! They wanted $1.25 billion, okay? 'Yeah. How much have they got?' Well, that's the interesting thing. They've managed to raise $1.9 billion. 'Great! / Er ... the question is, though ...' Yes, why didn't they go for the cool two billion? 'Boss, if you've got $1.9 billion, you may as well as go for the cool $2 billion. Just to keep things neat and tidy, like.' Yes, Voice. That's the way I look at it. / Jesus! Some people ...

Christ! I suppose they have their reasons. I mean, maybe they're exhausted. Look at me. 'You?' Me. I still don't have enough songs for my debut album, you know? 'That's because you're a perfectionist, Mikey.' Yes. But I'm exhausted, too. And maybe they feel the same way. 'It's a real shame.' Well, never mind. You've got to let people make their own choices in life, you dig? If Hamilton Lane are happy with $1.9 billion, then let them be happy with it.

Oh, oh ... the fund is going to invest in proprietarily-sourced single funds, subset portfolios, and complex structured/direct investments. Whatever all that is. I'm no expert, as you know, dear reader(s). 'You're on the mystical side of things, boss.' Thank you, Voice. They know that. I'm the world's foremost financial shaman, dear reader(s). 'They know!' Shut up, man. Please.


Anything else? 'Ha!' No, not really. End of the week, ain't it? I've said everything I wanted to say. Of course, I'll be back next week, and I'll have other things to say then - for my sins. 'Ha!' What's the point of it all? Oh, it doesn't matter. It keeps me off the streets.