Thursday, 10 May 2018

Don't be a fool

Whatever you're doing, dear reader(s), don't be a fool. That's my advice. Follow that, and you won't go far wrong in life.

Ah, this is the last post of the week. And this is the last time I'm going to write about music and self-help because this is actually a finance blog. 'Ha! You said that the other day, boss.' I know I did, Voice. However, there's more to say, man. Important shit, you dig? 'Oh, okay. Go ahead.' Thank you.

I've scrapped that song I wrote in one day. Not the rock song. That's my fourth best song. I mean the one I wrote in one day about a week before the rock song. So ... I only have thirteen songs again. That's fine, man. You need minimum standards if you want to be great. She Loves Me and It's Just a Joke, Man from the first demo are my minimum standard, and they're both B-sides as far as I'm concerned. Do not tolerate weakness, reader(s)!

And, yes, I grade my songs. There are three categories: [1] world-beaters, [2] bread and butter classics, and [3] good songs. / The song I scrapped was actually a good song by most people's standards ... You've got to have HIGH STANDARDS, reader(s)! I hope you're taking notes. Please! Do it for yourself. A gift to yourself!

Okay, Elon ... / I was serious last month when I wrote that I intend to apply Elon Musk's methods and attitudes to my music and the music business. No one has ever worked like that. Not even Prince. [He was very hard-working, obviously, but he recorded dross for the last twenty-five years of his life, let's be honest.] And working one hundred hours a week isn't enough. You need to be four times more effective than anyone else. That's four hundred hours a week, man! It will take time though. I imagine it's like a muscle that you need to build up.

Being really personal for a moment ... the thing that sickens me about Elon Musk is that he taught himself computer programming when he was twelve years old. I taught myself computer programming when I was twelve years old. But what did I do after that? Christ knows! Elon is going to Mars ...

Oh, that Grant Cardone audiobook, The 10X Rule ... it's made me realize my big mistake in life. I've always thought you can avoid "average" by having an extraordinary inner life. However, I forgot the importance of other people. No one sees your inner life, son, daughter, you dig? You may be an immortal genius inside, but you look "average" to other people. And that's a serious problem. Even the freakin' Buddha looks average if you can't see his inner life. / No, reader(s), what you need is MASSIVE ACTION!!! I'm talking about absolutely deranged levels of effective massive action. Then you will look like a goddamn monster! And you can still have a satisfying inner life. Best of both worlds!

Do it! Do it now!


Okay, okay. This is a finance blog, as you know. / Have a nice weekend, blog fan(s)! 'Bye, alligator(s)!' Yeah, later(s)!