Sunday, 13 May 2018

Sunday night blog post

I'm not doing any writing tomorrow, but I'm doing this post tonight. Even though I've got a migraine. I think I've had it since Friday. I'm sick of it!

And I'm not writing about finance. I'm going off finance after eleven years of writing about it. Funny that! I might turn this into a self-help blog. You know, I'll help my readers to help themselves. [YOU(!)?] They can write in with their problems. Ha! Yeah, like I need that. I've got enough problems of my own.

Cancel that idea! / I bought another Grant Cardone audiobook, If You're Not First, You're Last. It's not as good as The 10X Rule, but it has good stuff in it. Like the chapter on giving your customers the wow factor, which, strangely, made me think of a takeaway burger bar in St Ives. Bear with me, dear reader(s). This place charges £8 for a veggie burger, chips, and a can of Coke. That's double what I pay in London. However, the guy is so friendly and chatty while he's preparing the food that I really don't mind paying over the odds. As much as I love St Ives, I do find a lot of the shop assistants there to be a bit surly. Maybe they don't like tourists. Fair enough. But this guy is killing it with his overpriced burgers.

Hopefully, I'll get a week away in St Ives soon. I go for the sea and the beaches and the cliffs and that.

By the way, that Grant Cardone is a scientologist. Each to their own, I suppose. It's not my cup of tea. But as long as it doesn't affect the advice he gives ... / Unsurprisingly, he's right at the highest level in the organization. Yes, he's a born winner, my friend(s)!

Music? What am I listening to? Oh, I'll give you a clue: "Greetings in the name of his Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I, Jah, rastafari, ever living, ever fearful, ever sure, Selassie I the First!" No, no. It's not Gilbert O'Sullivan, you bloody idiot(s)! What?! Dean Martin?!?! No, it's Bob Marley. Babylon by Bus. FFS!

Bob Marley was another one. I mean, lots of people have their strange ideas about God and the meaning of life. It can be their culture, or just their personal choice. Me? I'm sure there's a big guy out there in the cosmos somewhere, but I'm not going to get all submissive with Him, you dig? I've been given this life - I realize now - to become the greatest ever songwriter. So fuck it! Malibu here I come! And let the devil take the hindmost!

Right. Er, I seem to be at an extended instrumental section of Babylon by Bus, and the crowd are cheering wildly. It's pretty obvious what is going on: Bob Marley is dancing around. Nice one!

Amazingly, I played my guitar for three hours today. Granted, it's not the 10X life, but with this migraine, yeah? It's a bloody miracle! / I've been doing the spider exercise lately to increase the strength of my fretting hand. Not that you care. I'm just saying.

Anything else? It's not bedtime yet. / Oh, the difference between Jordan Belfort and Grant Cardone? Belfort has the best selling system, The Straight Line, which is just awesome. However, Cardone strikes me as the better salesman, due to his charisma and forceful personality. I don't think he has much of a system though. Not that I care, you dig? I'm not a freakin' salesman! It's just an observation, that's all. I could be wrong. What do I know?

Right. That's enough Marley. It's getting late. Bring out the Eno! Apollo. Yes!