Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Something about open-ended real estate funds ...

Yeah, I don't know what. I've got my mind on other things, to tell you the truth, dear reader(s). Oh, this is the last post of the week, yes, a bit early, and I'm taking next week off. No, I haven't the slightest idea how you will cope without me. You might have to go to one of those other financial news websites. 'Ha!' No, it's not ideal. But I'm just saying. It's either that, or nothing. Or just wait until I return, man.


Average occupancy rates increase to over 95%.


German open-ended retail real estate funds have justified their reputation as a vital asset class, with two thirds of 18 funds analyzed by Scope Ratings showing increased average occupancy rates in the past year. The occupancy rate has a significant influence on fund performance and is one of the most important indicators for investors when evaluating open-ended real estate funds.

The average occupancy rate of the analyzed funds, as weighted by fund assets, was 95.3% at end-April according latest asset management publications. This reading was 0.8 percentage points higher than last year's 94.5%.

As I said, I don't really know ... 'Don't worry, boss.' I'm not worried, Voice. I'm really not. The readers know, son. The readers know everything. 'Sonja knows, too.' Who?! 'Sonja Knorr.' Yeah, who's that?! 'Christ!'

"The sustained increase in occupancy rates among open-ended real estate funds is primarily due to buoyant economic activity across Europe" says Sonja Knorr, head of Alternative Investments at rating agency Scope. "Strong growth, particularly in the past year, has led to increased demand for office space."

Oh, right. That Sonja Knorr. You could have said, Voice. 'I did say.' Whatever.

Furthermore, numerous managers of open-ended real estate funds are taking advantage of the current high price environment to optimize their portfolios. Properties with high vacancy rates are often sold and furthermore the purchases of fully rented, large-volume properties push up the average occupancy rate. The early renewal of rental contracts also ensures stability.

Okay, okay. Uh, is there much more of this? 'A bit. / Who was that speaking, just then?' I have absolutely no idea. It was just a statement, I think. 'Yeah, by who?' Probably by the PR person who put the email together. Christ!


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