Monday, 7 May 2018

No bank holiday for Mikey!

I'm working, man. What are you doing, dear reader(s)? 'Aren't you watching the snooker final, boss?' No, Voice. 'But you've never missed one!' Oh, oh ... if it's still going on at ten tonight I'll have a look. I don't turn the TV on now until ten at night, reader(s). That's when I chill out and wind down for the day, you dig?

Okay, okay. What are we talking about? Not finance, I can tell you that. I've had a gutful of it, to be honest. After eleven years?! Do me a favour! 'Maybe tomorrow, dear reader(s). You know how moody and awkward he can be.' Yeah, yeah. They know how moody and awkward I can be. Finance. FFS!

Anyway ... music? On a sunny day? It's got to be Bob Marley. I'm listening to Catch a Fire, yes. / I'm going to stop my music updates, by the way. 'Yeah, right.' No, I mean it, Voice. This is a finance blog, for my sins. 'Ha!' Yeah, of course I'll write about finance tomorrow, sweet reader(s) o' mine. Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow ... we'll always have tomorrow. You dig? (Oh, I hope so.)

Self-help? Well, I ain't discussing self-help no more neither. That shit is personal. 'That just leaves finance, man.' Yeah, tomorrow, not today. / You know what you need, anyway, reader(s). Grant Cardone's audiobook of The 10X Rule is the best by a country mile. I can't say I recommend his selling style (as seen on YouTube), but I don't use it for that, man. I'm a singer/songwriter, an artist, you dig? And artists are lovely people, as we all know.

I'm also, uh ... a conceptual literature guy. No. 609 is coming up later. 'I bet they can't wait.' Ha! 'I know I can't.' Ha! Ha, ha, ha! 'What are you writing about today?' Christ knows, Voice! Does it matter?

[Er ... Tesla? (Not finance, no, this is personal - to me. Just for today, yes.) I listened to a conference call on YouTube that Elon Musk was having with some Wall Street analysts. I think he hung up on one guy. And it was the right thing to do. Idiots should keep out of Musk's way. Let him do what needs to be done. You dig?]


Such a sunny day! And I'm staying in. Yeah, I don't care. I've had countless sunny days. Oh, in the past. What did they do for me? 'Didn't you enjoy them, boss?' I can't even remember them, son. / What's the point? One day, there'll be only darkness. So let's get to work! Let's leave something behind, people! A legacy!