Thursday, 31 May 2018

Gold comment?

Do you want some? Okay, it's your life, dear reader(s). I'm not going to judge you. 'God will judge them, boss!' Shut up, you little idiot!

The Italian political crisis has spurred an almost 200% rise in people investing in physical gold at investment firm The Pure Gold Company in the last week, compared to the daily average for 2018.

Okay, okay. It's those guys again. No endorsement, obviously, but they send some nice PR emails, especially when there's a disaster in the world. 'Ha! Why don't they write to you with some good news for a change?' Because that's not the point, Voice, is it? People only buy gold when everything is going to hell in a handcart. 'How much have you bought then?' Me?! I can't afford gold, man. 'Oh.' I have a room full of baked beans though. 'Ha!' Don't knock it. I'm prepared for the end of the world. / Anyway ...

CEO Josh Saul said: "Our buyers this week include many first timers, a high proportion of financial services professionals and a huge rise in Italian nationals worried about their country leaving the Euro. Financial services professionals made up 62% of buyers this week, all concerned that a fresh election in Italy could augur in the Euro-sceptic parties intent on leaving the common currency, creating turmoil in financial markets. We've seen a large majority of these clients remove exposure to equities, especially banking stocks (which have taken a battering in the last few days), to protect their portfolios with gold as a safe-haven asset. Our clients are not looking to make money out of the gold price rising during this fresh bout of uncertainty. Instead they are looking for a hedge against further volatility. We have already seen the gold price behave inversely to stocks with the global stock markets under pressure after returning from a long weekend yesterday, but gold up more than 1% since Friday."

Right. There is more of Josh, to tell you the truth, but that's enough, reader(s), you dig? I'm not into doom and gloom, not with my positive mindset these days. And this is the last post of the week. 'Yippee!' And I've got some guitar playing to do.


Uh. Anything else? Before I go, like. 'Your music, Mikey?' My music? Okay. I've been thinking ... if I want more big, great songs like my best three, I've got to go after them. I think most songwriters work with what they've been given, as far as inspiration goes. I mean, a little tune comes to them, and they think: That'll make a nice little pop song. And then they write it. And I do the same, normally. However, I wrote my best songs out of a sort of sick desperation, man.

SICK DESPERATION ... it's the way of the future!