Wednesday, 9 May 2018

GCI sets itself up!

Oh, for what, dear reader(s)?! 'This sounds like bad news, boss.' Ha! Don't be negative, Voice, you little invisible idiot! You've got to have a positive mindset, like me. 'Oh, okay. / So, uh ... what's going on then?' Ha! This, man! -

GCI sets itself up for continued growth with Mayfair Equity Partners and the formation of a strategic acquisition fund over £60 million.

You see? 'Yeah. That's a relief, boss.' Do you feel better now? 'Much better.' Good. / Here's some more, dear reader(s) -

Lincoln, 8 May: Converged ICT Services Provider GCI is pleased to announce that Mayfair Equity Partners ("Mayfair") has acquired ("acquired") a majority stake in the business. Mayfair's investment also includes ("includes") the formation of a new strategic fund worth over £60 million, providing GCI with significant financial firepower to finance future strategic acquisitions.

As part of the transaction, Mayfair has purchased the majority of the equity held by Chairman Wayne Martin, who will remain on the GCI board, and the full minority stake held by BGF, which has backed the business since 2012.

The investment in GCI comes at an exciting time for ("for") the company. Over the last two years GCI has acquired Packet Media, Fusion Media Networks, Outsourcery, Freedom Communications, and Blue Chip Data Systems, taking the company's revenues to circa £100m. At the same time the company has returned to strong organic growth across a customer base of over 4,000 - firmly establishing the company as one of the largest converged ICT suppliers in the UK.

Well, that's all right, ain't it? We've got a few statements, too, oh, from, uh ... Waqqas, Adrian, and Mark. I'm only going to go with one of them. So ... 'Which one, boss?' I don't know, man. Who deserves it most, Waqqas, Adrian, or Mark? It's so hard to say. 'You've got to make a decision. Time is money, after all.' I know, I know.

Er ... I just can't decide. 'Come on!' Listen, I'm sure they're all great guys, but ... 'You're going to have to disappoint someone. That's life, boss. Not everyone can be a winner.' Okay, okay. I'm going with ... Adrian Thirkill!

Adrian Thirkill, CEO of GCI says: "We're excited to have Mayfair on board as we embark on the next phase of the company's growth. Our immediate objective is to continue to fully integrate what we have and in the coming months we will see all GCI group companies operating under one brand with common systems and processes. This will significantly enhance our service offering to customers - making it easier for them to use more of our innovative and broad range of services. Whilst there are currently no significant gaps in our portfolio, we operate in a fast-changing market and the new £60m fund will enable us to make strategic acquisitions over the coming months and years to add even more value to our customers."

Okay, okay. Thanks, Adrian! And it's nice to see that you're excited, son. So many people are delighted these days. It's a real pain.


Anything else? No. Nothing else. I'll be back tomorrow, obviously, dear reader(s), but I would like to play my guitar now - if that's all right, with you, of course. 'They don't mind, Mikey.' Well, good. / Laters, then! 'Yeah, bye, crocodile(s)!' Bye!