Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Mobius Capital Partners

What's that?! ... you may be wondering, dear reader(s). Well, wonder no more because I can tell you that it's a new boutique founded by Mark Mobius and a couple of other guys. Which is actually great news for me. 'Why, boss?' I need some new clothes, man. 'Oh.' Yeah. The only thing I can't understand is why this firm is named like it's an asset management company. It's totally bizarre! 'Maybe you should look at their website, boss.' Okay, Voice. Let's do that!

Mobius Capital Partners LLP is an asset management company founded by Mark Mobius, Carlos Hardenberg and Greg Konieczny.

Leveraging decades of experience in emerging and frontier markets, the firm aims to deliver sustainable returns to responsible investors.

Oh, I see. 'It's an asset management company.' Yes, it is. It all makes sense now. But how strange! 'Where are you going to get your new clothes from then?' Well, it's back to Marks & Spencer, I suppose. 'Ha!' Yes, it's very disappointing.

Oh, look! This is from my archive, 2016 -

The fact is, our Mark has been mixed up in finance for decades. I couldn't stand it for six months, myself. 'What, boss?! You've been writing this blog for over nine years now!' Yeah, yeah. This is different, Voice. Covering the news, taking the piss, writing about music a bit. 'Ha!' And I'm on the mystical side of things, anyway. It's not the same as going into an office, day-in, day-out, managing funds, managing staff, talking to clients - who are a massive pain in the arse, as we all know. Those bastards always want more money, more profit. 'Slags!' They should get jobs, Voice. Let's see some of these investors do a hard day's work for once. 'For a fair day's pay.' Exactly! But no! They expect their money to work for them. 'While they sit back and drink Martinis. I absolutely despise these scumbags, boss.' So do I, man. And I imagine Mr Mobius, our Mark, feels the same way now.

Well, he obviously doesn't feel the same way! The guy is still going! And going strong! 'How old is?' Only eighty-one, Voice. 'Wow!' Yeah. Our Mark will never stop! I take my hat off to him. 'You don't have a hat, boss.' Er ... I have a cap somewhere. I'll have to dig it out.


Right. Anything else? Yes! I was watching a video on YouTube last night where Grant Cardone was saying how much he admires Elon Musk, which makes sense, and - 'I thought you weren't writing about this motivational stuff no more.' Shut up, Voice! This is important. It seems to me that Musk is living the 10X life, man. 'Oh.' He works one hundred hours a week, and I would say he's four times more effective than your average person. So that's four hundred hours a week. 'That's a lot!' And the average person works forty hours a week. You do the maths. 'Or the math.' Yeah, or the math. / It's the only way to be, blog fan(s)! So get busy! Laters.

[Oh, this is what I meant yesterday. I mean the sales thing. It's like a scene from Glengarry Glen Ross!]