Thursday, 3 May 2018

UK traders

Okay, okay. What kind of traders are we talking about here? 'Toilet traders, boss? Have they been arrested in the Tottenham Court Road?' I don't know, Voice. But I do know that Jinksy is mixed up in it. 'Oh dear.' It's all right, man. Look -

As we prepare to kick off this year's World Cup in Russia, a new study from ParcelHero reveals Russia has the largest online population in Europe; but Customs rules mean EU traders are being rolled over by China.

As final preparations for the 2018 FIFA World Cup get underway, all eyes are turned to Russia. It's also a potentially world beating e-commerce market, but the international delivery expert ParcelHero has revealed that the entire EU wins just 4% of Russia's $5.1bn overseas e-commerce trade.

Well, he's talking about the entire EU. What about the UK?! 'Give him a chance, boss.' Okay. I'll give our Jinksy a SECOND(!!!) chance. Let's hope he doesn't blow it this time ...

ParcelHero's Head of Consumer Research, David Jinks MILT says: "Our new Study Kicking Off Shipping to Russia reveals that, just like football, trading with Russia is a game of two halves. In terms of business to business (B-2-B) trading, Russia is a great market. Around 600 UK companies have a physical presence in Russia and over 5,800 UK traders export goods there worth over £7.6 billion. But in terms of its fast-growing business to customer (B-2-C) e-commerce market it's a far tougher game because of the draconian Russian customs checks on all courier shipments to private addresses."

Ah, that's better. 'Or worse.' What do you mean, man? 'It's frustrating for UK traders. Look -'

Says David: "It's frustrating for UK online traders looking at this potentially fabulous post-Brexit market. British goods enjoy a real cache in Russia; but UK traders cannot get into the game. Almost any product subject to tax and duties being shipped by courier to a private individual in Russia from the west will be held and inspected by customs. This can take days and even weeks - even if it is not eventually rejected and returned to the UK at the trader's expense."

Okay, okay. And I suppose that's enough, dear reader(s). I actually thought - when I first received the PR email this morning - that it was about traders in the stock market, you dig? 'Ha!' Yeah. Then I saw that it was from Jinksy, and my heart sank because I knew he would be going on about parcels again. 'Ha!' But what can I do? No one else has sent me anything. Never mind.


Right. It's the end of the week. Thank God! / Other news? Quickly. Uh, Tesla has got problems. Yeah, a big loss because it can't make cars fast enough. The commentators moaning about it forget who's running the company though. Elon Musk. They don't understand him. They probably think he's like a normal CEO or human being. 'Ha!' But saying that Tesla is going to fail is like saying the conquest of Gaul is a non-starter. Forget about it!

Have a nice weekend, alligator(s)! 'Laters!' Bye!