Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Tuesday morning blog post

Well, it's Tuesday morning now, dear reader(s). And, uh ... this is another blog post, for my sins. 'What's the latest financial news, boss?' I couldn't tell you, Voice. 'Er ... haven't you looked?' I looked for thirty seconds or so, before I got bored. 'Oh. / What about PR emails?' Uh ... there's one about new houses being built in London. I mean, lack of houses being built. 'Oh.' Yeah, it's not really relevant. / If anyone's got any PR emails about seagulls in St Ives. Or sharks. 'Why would they have that?' Well, sometimes there's stories about seagulls attacking people for their chips. I wouldn't mind writing about that. Apparently, there's a ringleader. 'Yeah, okay. Or sharks attacking people for their chips.' Don't be so bloody ridiculous, Voice! 'Sorry.' People don't take their chips in the water, do they? If they did, there might be a problem, but they don't.

Anyway ... what am I going to write about? NOTHING ... in particular, I suppose.

Well, well ... / I'll write a conceptual later. No. 612. After lunch, like. 'What about, boss?' Er ... NOTHING ... in particular. 'Nice one!' Yeah. I'm not going to change the habit of an eternity. Why should I, when it's all going so well? 'You'd be a fool to change.' Exactly!

Well, well ... / Anything else? Have you got any ideas, Voice? 'Me? Ha! I don't get paid enough to have ideas, man.' Thanks.

Music, I suppose. That's all I'm interested in. [And getting a-ROUND, obviously.] / It must be hellish being one of these people who's interested in the world in general, you dig? It's better to be obsessed with one thing. [Two things!] The world is basically a collection of billions of bits of nonsense. And if you're interested in all that ... I don't know what to say. 'Say - Good luck!' Yeah, okay. I'll say that. Good luck!

Ha! Uh. / People are talking about the Arctic Monkeys' new album. I haven't heard it. I really like their two songs I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor and Fake Tales Of San Francisco from their first album. But that's it. / Apparently, they've experimented on their new album and sound like Bowie in his Berlin period. Well, if that's true, it's not experimenting, is it? Repeating someone else's experiments from forty years ago isn't experimenting. / I've said it before, and I'll say it again: you can't do anything new in pop and rock. It's all been done. The only thing you can do is ... write songs that are greater than any songs that have been written in the past. And if you can't manage that, stop kidding yourself.

Ah, laters.