Monday, 18 March 2019

I've been invited!

Yes, yes, I've been invited ... to something. Again. I suppose it's nice to be invited to things, ain't it? 'But you never go, boss.' Ha! I never go, Voice, because I'm a busy man. I haven't got time for exclusive sessions, entertainment, champagne, and canapes. 'What?!' Have a look at this, dear reader(s) -

Hi Michael,

Hope you're well?

We'd like to extend a VIP Invitation to you for the launch party of Financial Markets Online. Join top celebs and influencers in celebrating the introduction of a new trader platform 'IX TRADER'. There'll be exclusive sessions, entertainment, champagne and canapes - a night not to be missed!

So, uh ... a night not to be missed that I will miss BECAUSE(!) ... my guitar won't play itself, you dig? / Listen! I'm not going to write any new songs for a while. I need to rehearse, and rehearse, and rehearse. And then ... 'And then what, boss?' I need to rehearse some more, man. 'Oh.' That's what I need to focus on now, when I'm not blogging. And if I haven't got time to write songs, I haven't got time for ... exclusive sessions, entertainment, champagne, and canapes. I mean, it's not rocket science.

Time, time, time. / Ah, but this guy is good. Tim Han. Maybe I'm not pushing myself hard enough. 'Ha! You'll give yourself a heart attack, boss.' Shut up, idiot!

So, uh, anyway ... back to the canapes.

Technological advances have made financial trading more accessible for everyone across the globe, but these developments have also led to 'wolves of Instagram': scam artists who con people into believing they are trading experts, misleading potential traders with wrong, dangerous advice.

Well, that's the internet for you. The goddamn internet. What can we do about it?

I'll tell you what I don't like, dear reader(s). I don't like following people on Twitter who have a decent taste in music, and then one day - out of the fucking blue - they start tweeting support for Tommy Robinson and Katie Hopkins. I don't need that shit in my life. It happened yesterday. It's happened about ten times already. Obviously, I stop following the person(s), BUT(!) ... it makes me worry about following anyone now. I would like to build a lot of connections online for my music, you know? 'Don't follow anyone, boss. Let them follow you.' Well, if my music takes off, maybe I'll just have to stick with the three hundred or so people that I currently follow, and then just hope that they don't turn out to be ... "free speech" enthusiasts, or whatever.

I don't know. I'm not the internet police, man. Maybe I'll just let people take responsibility for their own lives. But remember this: God is watching. Big time.

Anyway, laters, yeah?