Sunday, 10 March 2019

Sunday music post

Yes, dear reader(s), it's a Sunday music post. There's no harm in it.

I remember in the Seventies there was a pirate radio station in London that played reggae on Sundays. Not Bob Marley. Really obscure stuff. Well, obscure to me as a little kid. I think it was a pirate station. Just operating on Sundays? I don't know. It certainly wasn't the BBC, man. Do you know what I mean?

Anyway, I've finished Stella. I'm very pleased with it. So that's fifteen songs. Eleven for an album. Four spare. / And these ones for the demo -

This World Don't Mean a Thing

I'm rehearsing them together now, in that order, and it's a pretty awesome combination. To paraphrase Carlito Brigante, people will definitely have to give up their religious beliefs.

So, uh ... I finished Stella on Friday. Whoever this Stella is, she's the luckiest girl since Layla. I wish a genius would write a song about me. 'Ha! You wrote Nothing about yourself, boss.' Oh, that's right, Voice. But ... get back to the astral plane! Go on! 'Okay. Bye!' Yes, see you tomorrow.


Right. Let's play some tunes! [If you want to hear them too, kook(s), look for them on YouTube or whatever. Or just use your imagination.]

Layla. Eric Clapton. / Why does Martin Scorsese always have to ruin things? I can't listen to the second part of this song without seeing dead bodies in a pink Cadillac. If he does that to any of my songs, I'll swing for him.

What is Life. George Harrison. / I've got to look out for helicopters now!

Rebel Music. Bob Marley. / Live, from Babylon by Bus.

Wake Up Alone. Amy Winehouse. / I think this song has a perfect Sunday atmosphere.

By the way, the only television I've watched in the last week is The Departed last night. Not Scorsese's best. I switched off before the end. Oh, I might treat myself to a bit of Columbo at dinner time. However, I'm being very careful about what I allow into my subconscious these days. It's really just the Vance/Musk audiobook and the occasional bit of music like this afternoon.

Rhapsody in Blue. George Gershwin. / I'm in the mood for it. I don't know why.

You Set the Scene. Love.

Love Her Madly. The Doors.

Venus. Television.

I know (I know). John Lennon.

I keep going into Google Play because I want that Fandango film on my smartphone. But it's still unavailable. Why, for Christ's sake?!

I would also like David Essex's Stardust on my phone. I might watch it later on DVD, instead of Columbo. / I've been thinking that, in theory, it would be a good idea to end up in a Spanish castle, like Essex in the film. Actually, that very castle! However, it's a bit isolated, you dig? Maybe I should stick to Malibu.

Anyway, laters!