Thursday, 14 March 2019

Keensight V is closed!

That's it! They've gone and closed it. I knew it would happen. 'How did you know, boss?' Mystical intuition, Voice.

Keensight Capital, one of the leading private equity managers dedicated to pan-European Growth Buyout investments, announces the first and final closing of its new fund, Keensight V, at the €1 billion hard cap, exceeding the fund target of €750 million.

Well, they got more money than they wanted, a lot more. Maybe they can give me some. 'Ha! If wishes were horses, boss, beggars would ride.' Shut up, idiot!

The fund was substantially oversubscribed with strong support from existing LPs, as well as new investors from Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia. The globally diverse LP base for Keensight V comprises c. 90% of subscriptions from institutional investors (asset managers, pension funds, insurance companies, banks and sovereign wealth funds), and c.10% from former portfolio company CEOs and family offices.

But what will Keensight Capital pursue with this new fund? That's the BIG QUESTION.

With its new Growth Buyout fund, Keensight Capital will continue to pursue its consistent and successful investment strategy: partnering with passionate entrepreneurs on growth investments, while targeting profitable and rapidly growing companies across Western Europe with revenues between €15 million and €250 million.

Oh, okay.

We can skip some of the PR email, dear reader(s). I'm just wondering if they've got someone at the firm who is delighted, or pleased, or even excited about this new fund. I mean, that's what I normally look for. 'Keep reading, boss, because our Jean-Michel is delighted, and pleased.' Fuck off! That's impossible. 'It's not. Look -'

Jean-Michel Beghin, Managing Partner at Keensight Capital, said: "This €1 billion fund consolidates Keensight Capital's position as a leading European Growth Buyout firm. This size will allow us to enhance our continuous improvement plan through the strengthening of both our team and sourcing process. This major fundraising success demonstrates the value our investors have seen in our differentiated positioning and the discipline of our team. We are delighted by the support we received from our existing investors, and are pleased to welcome new investors to the fund."

Oh, okay. Delighted, and pleased. 'They all are.' Yes, but, uh ... 'What?' They're not excited, are they? 'For Christ's sake, boss! You want the moon, you do.' I'm just saying, man ... why not go the whole hog and be delighted, pleased, and excited? It wouldn't kill them. FFS!


Ah, that's enough. End of the week, and all. / Anything else? Music? I only did three hours of rehearsing yesterday, which was enough, actually. I might try for four hours today. / I was looking at a John Lennon audiobook on Google Play, for motivational purposes. I got the free sample, but decided against buying it. Being John Lennon by Ray Connolly. The same guy who wrote the screenplays for That'll Be The Day and Stardust. I'm afraid that after the Vance/Musk audiobook all other biographies seem too low-intensity for me, you dig? Maybe I'll buy the paperback if I see it around. I liked Connolly's book on Elvis, and I have his earlier biography of Lennon. [There can't be much more to say about him, can there?] Unless I'm getting it mixed up with the book by Ray Coleman. I don't know. It's not important, is it?

Oh, oh ... Stella - ? The more I play that song, the more I like it, man. I always try to judge a song's worth in the days and weeks after writing it. Sometimes I lose all enthusiasm for a song, or even scrap it. And sometimes a song rises in my estimation, the way Malibu did. Well, I'm really delighted, and pleased, and excited with Stella.

Okay, okay, later(s), kook(s)! Have a nice weekend. ‘Bye!’ Yeah, bye.