Monday, 25 March 2019

Solar power expansion!

Oh, in Africa. That's all right, ain't it?

Lagos, 21.03.2019 - The African solar energy company, Daystar Power has closed a $10 million USD investment with Verod Capital Management and Persistent Energy Capital LLC and has lined up an additional $16 million in debt financing to accelerate its expansion across West Africa. The deal will allow Daystar Power to expand its offering of Solar Power Solution for Commercial and Industrial customers across the region.

So, uh ... 'Old news, boss!' What?! Only four days, idiot! I'm not running a newswire here. I like to take my time. Think things over, you know?

Daystar Power is a leading West African solar energy company providing African companies and institutions, including banking, consumer goods, agriculture and manufacturing clients with complete power solutions using solar energy. The solutions provide Daystar Power's corporate clients with a reliable source of energy, whilst significantly reducing their operating costs and minimizing the use of diesel generators to power their operations. Daystar Power was founded in Lagos in 2017 by Christian Wessels and Jasper Graf von Hardenberg and incubated by African venture builder, Sunray Ventures.

So, uh ... 'What are your thoughts then, boss?' Pardon, Voice? 'You said you like to take your time, think things over. So what are your thoughts?' Well, okay, I'm thinking ... that I should definitely record my songs this week. 'Oh, right.' I mean, I should be able to get "great" performances now, but not "perfect" ones. 'Perfection is bullshit, man. Look at Steely Dan.' They're all right, Voice. 'Oh, yes. They're all right, sure. But where's the soul? Where's the passion?' I know, I know. There isn't any. / Anyway, what does Christian Wessels say about it? Greatness or perfection? [Can't we have both?] Come on, son!

Christian Wessels, Founder and Executive Chairman at Daystar Power, says: "Daystar Power provides Solar Power Solutions to leading companies in Nigeria and West-Africa, including banking, consumer goods, agriculture and manufacturing clients. We save our customers regularly up to 25% of their energy costs, whilst providing them with a reliable source of energy at close to 100% uptime across all our installed systems."

Oh, for crying out loud! 'Boss, he isn't interested.' Ah, I'll tell you who will be interested. 'Who?' Jasper Graf von Hardenberg. 'Ha! Forget about it! He's just like Christian. He only wants to talk about his solar power business.' No, no. I've got a good feeling about our Jasper, Voice. Here we go -

Jasper Graf von Hardenberg, Chief Executive Officer of Daystar Power, says: "The additional capital raised by Daystar Power will accelerate our growth and help us satisfy the significant demand we see among West African corporates for solar power solutions that reduce both cost and carbon footprint. With Verod Capital Management, one of West Africa's leading private equity investors and Persistent, a leading investor and venture builder in the off-grid sector, we have attracted two major investors which share our excitement for solar power for commercial and industrial customers in Africa."

Christ. I mean ... why do I bother? 'Ha! Try Danny.' Who?! 'Daniel Adeoye from Verod Capital Management.' No. What's the point? 'Just try. Go on!' All right.

Daniel Adeoye, Senior Investment Manager at Verod Capital Management, says: "This deal is a landmark moment for the solar industry in West Africa and is a testament to Verod's belief that the future of Africa's energy supply is and must be renewable. The private sector can lead our transition to a low carbon economy. Daystar is pioneering the supply of low-cost hybrid solar power, and we look forward to helping to fulfill the company's potential and driving swift growth and expansion. And, oh ... I haven't got any time for Steely Dan."

Okay, okay. Thank you, Mr Adeoye. That's better than nothing, I suppose.


Anything else? Brexit? Trump? I don't care. Listen, kook(s), I'm so fanatical about my music now that ... the world can just do one. Do you know what I mean? Enough is enough - !!!

So, after I've done my recordings, I want to start writing the music for the "world-beaters" on a second album. I've got five such songs for the first album. I'd like another five. I don't need the lyrics yet. It will be better to write the lyrics after some new experiences, you dig? But I need the music. It will take the pressure off me later when I'll be expected to deliver the goods again. / I've got so many things to do, man! I want to improve my guitar playing even more, too.