Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Nothing in particular, actually

Deal with it!

I don't know what to say, what to write about, dear reader(s).

I mean, writing about another fund won't change anything in anyone's life, will it?

You need to grow up, man, if you think that hearing about some financial news is going to mean anything to you ... personally, like. You can live without it. I know I can.

So, it's just this.

Wow! Eh?

The weather ain't shit. It was summer three weeks ago. What is it now? Winter again?

Talking about the weather. That's desperate.

I don't know. I just don't know. You dig? / You don't talk much, do you? Uh.

Listen. I can't do this forever, son. Daughter. And if I wasn't doing this, I'd be making more progress with my music.

Anyway, that Tim guy's advice in the video the other day has helped a bit. (Follow the link in that post, if you want.) He says play to win. Don't play not to lose. And with my rehearsing/recording that means ... don't try to be merely competent. I'm already playing to win with my writing.

Well, well ... / Should I put some music on now? I'm not sure I'm in the mood this morning.

Maybe we should just sit here, there, in silence.




For fuck's sake! This isn't a Harold Pinter play.


Listen to these two songs, kook(s) [the performances, not the writing] -

Blowin' in the Wind. Bob Dylan. / Playing not to lose.

Redemption Song. Bob Marley. / Playing to win.

Can you tell the difference?

A bit unfair, maybe. Marley is the better singer. But both songs are great.


Anyway, what else can I [we] listen to?

I've tried listening to my 2016 demo. I can't. Those songs are B-sides now. They won't be on any album.

Oh, there's some guy on Twitter. [There's a few guys, actually.] He has recorded two or three albums. [They all have!] He has supported big name artists at gigs. He's trying to stay positive. But NOTHING is happening. His songs are too weak. I can't listen to them. His singles aren't even good enough to be Oasis B-sides.

Is playing not to lose sometimes all you've got? Christ. I don't know. An iron will can make you more talented. I think it's a choice. Maybe. What do I know?!

Listen, I'm afraid - and this is harsh - you need to be outstanding, my friend(s).

Go big, or go home.