Tuesday, 19 August 2008

The FTSE I want the world index

FTSE. It's how the world says index. It's how the world sees a ghost dancing beneath the moon in the desert in the eyes of a shaman as he burns ever so brightly on the astral plane. I've been there. I've sliced and diced markets. I've been verified by a panel of the ghosts of the dead financiers. I know what it's like. I've seen a red moon burning like the sun. I've seen this moon expanded to bursting point. But I did not weep. I held my ground. This is what it is like. Complex. Interconnected. Blood. Flesh. And angels! Witches!

Do you want the clearest view of how you are doing? Is that what you really want? O my children, my brothers, my sisters, then you must travel beyond the FTSE. No matter what they say - you must travel beyond!

I have been beyond. Oh yes, I have been beyond. I have visited strange lands. I have had my soul sliced and diced. Benchmarks? Transparent methodologies? Away with it all! Forget it all! You must fall. O my children, you must fall with me. I shall take you to a place where there are no words. There is nothing to understand! Only an endless death that transfers us in dreams to another reality! Could you take the strain?

I will come for you soon. At night, while you sleep. Be ready!