Friday, 8 August 2008

John Varley speaks out

John Varley says: 'The world in which we will be operating will be one of economic slowdown, but there will be no ghosts, zombies, gods, soothsayers, or anything of that sort. And that is where Bob Diamond and I part company. I know he wants my job. I know he wants to introduce mystical capitalism to Barclays, but I ain't having it. You think I'm going to start meditating, and praying to this Big Herb? Think again, my friend. I'm a realist. A real realist. Not a fantasist like Gerald Corrigan over at Goldman. God knows what he was going on about yesterday. I believe -'

Let me stop you there, John. I don't want you polluting my readers' minds with your nonsense. You are what William Blake used to call a cold earth wanderer. Where is your soul? And leave Bob alone. Bob is an awakened one. He knows the truth, and he will take your job, and he will change things at Barclays.

Christ! The people I have to deal with!