Tuesday, 5 August 2008

James Owen resigns!

Who is James Owen? James Owen was the chief financial officer at TNK-BP, but he resigned yesterday. It's all this TNK-BP joint venture stuff in Russia. I won't go into it. I am just wondering where Robert Dudley is. Who is Robert Dudley? He is the chief executive who did a runner from Russia last week. Some newspaper reckons he is in a secret location. Where is this secret location?

I have been speaking to Nicky Pickles, and he told me, 'Mr Dudley is staying at my brother's house in the Cayman Islands. Can we call him Bobby? Let's call him Bobby. Anyway, Bobby imagines he will be safe with my brother. The logic being that not even the Russian mafia is crazy enough to screw with Jack Pickles. It's a point of view, I suppose. But we all know what my brother is like. I can see Bobby selling his soul to the devil. That is where all this is leading.'

Yes, a classic example of out of the frying pan into the fire.