Thursday, 14 August 2008

Simon Hayes said …

Simon Hayes from Barclays Capital said yesterday: 'The surprise today was not so much that the next move in rates is likely to be down, but that Big Herb seems happy to nurture this expectation.'

Excuse me, Simon, mate, but what do you know about Big Herb and what he is happy to nurture? Have you ever been on the astral plane? I've never seen you there. Do you actually know anything about mystical capitalism at all? Would the name 'Simon Hayes' even be a name that Big Herb would recognize? What are your qualifications? What do you know about the desert, astral or physical?

Dear reader, this is happening a lot now. You get these clueless economists and analysts dropping Big Herb's name all over the place. Yet most of them don't know anything about him. One or two visits to a Big Herb temple and they think they're God's gift to the revolution.