Thursday, 20 November 2008

David Aird: what clients want

David Aird, managing director of UK distribution at Investec Asset Management, has been telling some newspaper that clients are more assertive now, and they know what they want. Well, good for them. But what do they want?

Mr Aird, speaking to me earlier this morning, said, 'Clients want us to offer them much more now. They want us to prepare astrological charts, read rune stones, offer aura workshops, and all kinds of crazy mystical shit, and Investec is happy to oblige. Investec knows the world is changing. The credit crunch has made investors more fearful, and more superstitious. In the old days, they would have laughed at the idea of mystical capitalism. But now, clients seem to be saying: If you can't rely on the world of spirit, what can you rely on? And my response is: Fuckin' A! I read your blog, Michael. I know you're the man, the beautiful one, the Master, the mystic lord, the money king, the -'

I had to stop him there. All this hero worship is going to give me a big head.