Monday, 24 November 2008

GAM Eclectic: are 'friends' eclectic?

That's what we all want to know. At least, those of us with any intelligence. Are 'friends' eclectic?

That was the question I posed to Mark Hawtin earlier this morning. Mark is the manager of the GAM Eclectic fund. This is what the crazy (in the best and most noble sense of the word) guy told me: 'I don't know about no freakin' eclectic friends. All my friends are ghosts. I am a loner, and rarely socialize with the living. I prefer the company of dead financiers. Are they eclectic? Well, Michael, who can say? I would rather not pry into their personal lives. To be honest with you, they are more business associates than true friends. I guess this all sounds rather sad. But don't weep for me. There is a little joy in my life. This new fund I manage - it will target absolute returns with low correlation to equity markets and low volatility. And it makes me feel good. I get this burning, you know, deep inside. That's all I really need. I know the cosmos loves me. I know I'm doing the right thing. I've lived a good life. So please, don't weep for me. I'm the manager of the GAM Eclectic fund. Who could want for more?'

What a wonderful man! This is what I'm talking about. The unsung heroes. The men and women who toil in the vineyards, who burn with love for money, who ask for nothing more than our respect. He's got my respect. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Mark Hawtin.