Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Ed Casal is replacing Bobby Womack at Aviva Investors

No, not Ed Stone. Ed Casal. He's more useful, apparently. / Well, well ... Ed Casal is going to be the new chief executive of global real estate at Aviva Investors. Well done, Ed! 'Are you sure about this, boss? I mean ... Bobby Womack, yeah?' Yes, I'm perfectly sure, Voice. Bobby was a great guy, but nothing lasts forever. (He wrote that brilliant song for The Rolling Stones, It's All Over Now. Well, they covered it, anyway.) / The thing that confuses me though is: Why is Ed Casal in New York? 'How do you know he's in New York?' Because, Voice, his LinkedIn profile says he is. 'Oh. His LinkedIn profile ...' He has more than five hundreds connections, man. It's not a fake one. 'Okay. / Okay, I can explain it, Mikey. Sometimes ... the Aviva Investors mob get a little bored of the pubs near their office, you dig?' Oh. Oh yeah, I understand. You're saying that Ed was sent to New York to enjoy the American bars. 'Yes. A new experience for him.' What about the American parks, and the American ice cream? 'I'm sure they're great, too. Ed's probably having a wonderful time.' I hope so. / Well, well ... by the way, dear reader(s), I have absolutely no idea where our Ed is going to be based with his new role. It's a global job. I suppose it doesn't matter. They might let him stay in New York.

Uh. Christ. I wish I worked at Aviva Investors. They support you in anything you want to do. Want to be a singer, a songwriter? No problem! Want to be a photographer, rolling around on the office floor, pissed out of your head? No problem! You just want to sit on the grass in the local park, eating ice cream? 'Ha!' YOU(!) ... are going to fit right in, son, daughter!

Contact human resources today, dear reader(s). I haven't got the number. You'll have to look at their website.


Anything else?

Guitar?! 'Guitar?! You're the guitar man!' Yes. / Thank God for the internet, that's all I can say. 'Say a bit more, boss.' All right. I've been adjusting the way I hold the guitar, the pick, my fretting hand ... because of real helpful shit I've been reading on the forums. You're always going to have trouble teaching yourself, BUT(!) ... the internet is like a teacher, man.