Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Philip Nell has gone to Hermes Investment Management for his sacred mission

Yes, he has gone [soon, very soon, July]. Yes, he has gone to Hermes Investment Management BECAUSE ... I told him to go. I told Philip to leave Aviva Investors. And he didn't ask any questions. My people follow orders without questions. [Yes, don't you?] NOW ... he must spread the chaos, the darkness. And NOW ... is the time for all of us to act BECAUSE ... I don't how much longer I'll be a financial shaman. We must make hay while the sun shines. One day, it will all be rock and roll. And I'll be gone, away from you, with new people. THEN ... you will miss me. THEN ... you will cry out in the night for my wisdom, my anger, my insanity. / I gave the dull world of finance my blood and fire. It was thrown back in my face by animals! The last few years, I've been trying to get everyone a-ROUND and DIZZY. [Has that conceptual shit worked? The jury is still out.] BUT NOW ... oh YOU(!) must move, yes, move, from firm to firm, with the disease of our EVIL LOVE!!! / Most of you are at Aviva Investors and Jupiter. [Some at GLG and Goldman.] I'll be coming to see each of YOU(!) during the next six months ... in your dreams which will be like beautiful nightmares, so ooo(!) beautiful. [I'll give you FEAR that you can cherish.] I will speak to each of YOU(!) ... something like this, uh, uh, yeah, oh, using my SICK words to excite you, to motivate you, to get you ready for the REVOLUTION!!!

Ah, yeah, man. / So, SOON ... our Phil is/will be at Hermes (July, 20th), our Phil, yes. / YES ... / Look into the future, my friend(s)! SEE! A fund director for Hermes Real Estate! A manager of the UK Private Rental Sector fund! WOW!, eh? Such power for us! / Ha! Don't laugh! [I can laugh. It is my will. But YOU(!) must be serious.] YOU(!) ... / You'll be going somewhere like Hermes, sooner or later. Yes, you will go on a sacred mission, just like our brother, our Phil.

The earth is shaking. Man, I shake it! / My Phil, my Philip, my Philip Nell, my little puppet, will have a "boss" at Hermes. Don't laugh - yet. His name is Chris Taylor. He says: Philip's wealth of knowledge and 20-plus years of industry experience will play an integral role in further growing our real estate business. Ha! NOW ... you can laugh. Mr Taylor has no understanding. He does not know why Phil has been sent to work at Hermes.


Hermes Investment Management is an active asset manager working to deliver excellent, long-term, performance - responsibly. To lead debate and contribute to the transformation of the investment industry, to the benefit of our clients, their stakeholders and, ultimately, society at large. We seek to deliver superior, sustainable, risk adjusted returns for our clients. Our purpose is supported by the ownership structure with an embedded client alignment in our culture, combined with a robust operating platform.

Oh, my children, they have no idea! Philip Nell is coming to change EVERYTHING!