Thursday, 7 May 2015

Tim Day and Chris Ford are very, very close

Bosom buddies, you could say. Well, I am saying. / Tim and Chris were fund managers together at Pictet Asset Management. It was a good life, but one of them became dissatisfied. (Either Tim or Chris. Who knows which one? Not me!) One of them starting dreaming of another life. 'Where, boss? In the desert? A cave in the desert? The physical desert? Or the astral plane? Surely not the astral plane? Not the astral desert, man?!' No, Voice. 'Oh. / A hut maybe? Yes, a nice little hut in a forest, just like our Svein, Svein Hogset.' No! For fuck's sake! Smith & Williamson Investment Management. 'What?!' You heard. 'But that's not very romantic, not very poetic.' Christ! They're fund managers, Voice, yeah? And they're not financial shamans, so ... romance and poetry don't come into it, I'm afraid.

Yes, yes, dear reader(s), a new life at Smith & Williamson. Some North American trust and a global equity UCITS Mid Ocean World Investment fund. ('Ha!' Yeah, I know.) / Well, reader(s) ... YOU(!)! Are YOU(!) a fund manager? Oh, I bet you are. Where do you work? Do you fancy moving to another firm? The grass is always greener, eh? FORGET IT! You will never be saved, my friend(s), until you start paying attention to the shit I'm trying to get into your thick head(s)!!! Finance is dead. (It always was.) I mean, it's for DEAD SOULS, you dig? Sure, I tried to change things with my voodoo stuff, black magic, up all night with the chaos, the blood and the fire! What good did it do YOU(!) or me?

It's so depressing ... / Jimmy is calling me now. Mikey, break on through to the other side, man. No! Not yet, Jimmy! I have work to do, NEW WORK(!) here on earth. / Yes, rock and roll shamanism! And Mr Morrison is another role model.


Anything else?