Thursday, 28 May 2015

Finance? Ah, that's enough! End of the week, ain't it?

I can't be bothered sometimes. 'Most of the time, these days.' Yeah. I'm distracted, Voice, that's the problem. Thinking of the rock and roll life. Dreaming of Malibu. 'Malibu? Really, boss?' Or St Ives. Malibu or St Ives. Malibu is more rock and roll, obviously. More glamorous. But you know how much I love Cornwall.

Dear reader(s), I've added a new skill to my guitar playing: double-stops. That's when you're soloing and you play two notes at the same time. It's really cool. The riff for Cream's Sunshine of Your Love has a double-stop in it. Actually, it's a chord riff, followed by single notes, then the two notes together near the end. It's pretty difficult (well, for me). I think I'm getting the hang of it though.


Pub? Hopefully, I'll go tomorrow - if it's not pissing down. I didn't make it last week because I had a migraine that made me sick and totally knocked me out.

The weekend? I might try recording my songs on Sunday. My rhythm playing is much better now, and I only need rhythm for the songs.

Anyway, later(s), crocodile(s)!