Monday, 2 September 2019

Is it the end of summer - at last?

There seems to be a lot of confusion. However, I have been speaking to expert Euan Munro. I mean, I phoned him late last night. Just before bedtime. This is, uh ... what was spoken between us, like. This ...

Hello, Michael. Do you want to talk about funds? Ha! No, Euan, I want to talk about the weather. Yeah, well ... it's over, man. The summer. You said that last time. I mean it this time. It's quite nice this morning, Euan. Yeah, yeah. But it's going to rain this week. You better break out the Dennis Wilson album, Mikey. No, I'm trying to stay positive. But it's tradition! Screw tradition, Euan! I want to achieve some things this autumn and winter. I'm trying to maintain a positive mindset. Fair enough. So ... do you want to talk about funds, then? Do I want to talk about funds?! Yes. No.

Well, dear reader(s), we spoke for a while longer about ... this and that. But Euan didn't want to talk about funds. 'Boss, he never wants to talk about funds!' Oh, hello, Voice. Yeah. That's why I like him so much. Euan's a "finance" man I can relate to.


Okay, okay.

One day, I'll talk about funds again. [I've got a bad feeling.] Unless my ship comes in soon. Probably the Titanic.

Oh, I'll stop thinking like a victim! / Listen to me ... I'll start thinking like a god!

['What's new?']

We live in a land where there is no democracy, and no law. So be it! Let the monsters come! We'll not be afraid.

In the darkness of the human heart, you can find the light of the cosmos.

We must leave this place, this rotten earth - with our minds!

Let our bodies wander amongst the insane. They will suspect nothing, these lunatics.

Inside, we are safe.

Do you understand?

We can't be touched by demons. It's a choice, my friend(s)! You simply have to refuse.

Be brave!

I have a destiny. / Maybe you do, too.

Stay strong!