Tuesday, 17 September 2019

What am I invited to now?

Well, well ... / Another day, another invitation. Why am I so popular? 'You're the world's foremost financial shaman, boss.' That's right, Voice.

Well, dear reader(s), here we are ...

Invitation to Sectra's Capital Markets Day on September 26 - focus on cybersecurity, Linköping, Sweden, September 16, 2019 - International medical imaging IT and cybersecurity company Sectra will hold a Capital Markets Day on September 26, 2019 in Stockholm, Sweden. The focus will be on Sectra's Secure Communications operating area. The aim is to give investors insight into Sectra's role and growth potential in the increasingly dangerous world of cybersecurity threats. Among the speakers are members of Sectra's management and Pia Gruvö, Head of the Crypto and IT Security Department/Director NCSA at the Swedish Armed Forces.

When: September 26, 2019

Location: GT30, Greve Turegatan 30, Stockholm, Sweden

Okay, okay. I'm not going all the way to Sweden for this. Seriously! I can't even speak Swedish, man. 'They can probably speak English, boss. They sent you the email in English.' Yeah, yeah. Listen! If I can't be bothered to travel into central London for some, uh ... cockamamie breakfast briefing bullshit, Christ! ... I'm not going to travel to Sweden, am I?

Anyway, let's do the program and speakers ...

The program starts with registration and breakfast at 8:15a.m. and ends at around 1:00pm. A light lunch will be served during the event. Participants will have the opportunity to mingle with senior management and see demos of Sectra's products for a safer society.

Oh. Er ... 'A free breakfast, boss.' Yes. 'A free lunch, too!' It's a light lunch, Voice. 'A light lunch is better than nothing. What else do you want for free?!' Well, maybe free travel. And a free hotel room. 'Yeah, right. If wishes were - Listen! You want the moon, you do. Never satisfied.' Shut up!

Torbjörn Kronander (CEO and President Sectra AB) and Simo Pykälistö (President of Sectra Secure Communications) will be presenting together with other members of the Secure Communications management team.

Fair enough. I mean, I have no complaints. 'But what about Pia?!' Ha! -

Pia Gruvö, Head of the Crypto and IT Security Department/Director NCSA at the Swedish Armed Forces, will speak about encryption and how the Security Protection Act and increasing cyber security threats influence government authorities and companies. Note that this session will be held in Swedish.

Oh no! In Swedish! You see, I told you! 'Yeah, yeah. You told me.' I'm definitely not going now. They'll just have to have a nice time without me. 'I'm sure they’ll manage.' Don't be like that, Voice.


Anything else? Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go. 'What the hell is that?!' A vocal exercise, Voice. I found it on YouTube. 'Oh.' It really helps.

Anyway ... later(s), blog fan(s)!