Tuesday, 24 September 2019

It's got a white label, and it's out of the box

Man, I don't know what's going on. Seriously! 'Don't upset yourself, boss.' Well, that's difficult, Voice.

Yeah, yeah. It's a PR email, dear reader(s). No endorsement, obviously, BECAUSE(!) ... it could be the end of the world. I wouldn't know it.

Make of this what you will, my friend(s)! -

Amsterdam - Core banking provider Ohpen and international software and services provider Virtual Affairs announce a jointly developed out-of-the-box bank and wealth manager. Ohpen's core banking platform is connected to Virtual Affairs' mobile banking solution, creating a one-stop-shop for financial services providers that want to launch a new investment proposition for retail customers.

So, uh ... 'No mention of any white label, boss.' That was in the title, Voice. I mean, the title/subject line of the email. 'Oh.' I'll suppose we'll find out ...

The partnership enables banks, insurers and asset managers to reduce their time to market by approximately 6 months. They don't need to worry about complex implementations and integrations. By using the end-to-end solution created by Ohpen and Virtual Affairs, financial services providers can focus time and money on where it matters: servicing their customers and delivering new products.

Okay, okay. It doesn't really matter. Uh. Does it?

"Financial services providers now have the opportunity to launch a fully compliant, reliable and adaptable retail investment proposition within months or even weeks. The solution can be tailored with unique branding, proposition and product characteristics, while a standard set of third-party integrations connects it to the outside world. It's as simple as that," said Angelique Schouten, executive board member at Ohpen. "Integrating Virtual Affairs' mobile app and the Ohpen Platform creates a true out-of-the-box solution for any execution only, advice or discretionary wealth management proposition and speeds up delivery times by half a year."

Is it really in a box though? I mean ... 'Well, it's out of the box.' So, you don't even get a box with it?! 'No.' Christ!

"We chose to invest in this integration to provide banks, insurers and asset managers with a shorter time to market and a seamless experience for their customers", Robin Peters, Managing Partner of Virtual Affairs states. "We focus on a mobile first approach for now, but we can easily expand our interface to include service specific web requirements. We can now better serve both our current and new clients, by offering an end-to-end solution rather than front-end only."

Okay, okay.

The wealth manager-out-of-the-box will be available in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.


Okay, okay. I'm going to Google this because I want to find out what it is. 'Google what?' Give me a minute, dear reader(s). Talk to them, Voice. 'Me?! I ain't got nothing to say to them.' [A minute passes.] Right. A white-label product is a product or service produced by one company (the producer) that other companies (the marketers) rebrand to make it appear as if they had made it. That's from Wikipedia.

Great! It's all cleared up now.


Anything else? It all depends. 'On what?' Well, I can only think of music, Voice. 'Yeah.' And I'm going to stop these music updates, anyway. 'Oh. Of course.' Yes.

I might need to buy a load of foam. 'Why?' To block up the windows, man. To keep out all the noise.

I don't know. Maybe I'm too much of a perfectionist. The Beatles have loads of noises on their stuff. I'm not talking about their demos. I'm talking about released records. 'I bet Steely Dan don't have any noises, boss.' Ha! Those guys.

Well, well ... laters, you dig?