Tuesday, 7 April 2020

I don't know, man

I don't want to write about The Thing. There are no PR emails. I might have to turn this blog into a music blog. Or a motivational blog. I don't know, man.

I've been listening to - and playing on my guitar as well - my new song And Rain Came Down. It's my favourite song now. It's also my most commercial song. (Nothing is still the best.) It can't be on the first album though because it more or less has the same structure as Malibu. That's fine. It can be a single.

It's one of those rare songs that can catapult an artist into the big time. Now, who knows if there will still be any "big times" in the future? Ha! Uh. I'm hoping there will be. I need something to be positive about. Do you know what I mean?

I'm going to start listening to Grant Cardone's The 10X Rule again. I want to brainwash myself into a pumped-up state, you dig? / Actually, Cardone seems to be going through a bad time at the moment with his businesses. [Isn't everyone?] That doesn't stop his audiobook being useful.

Right. Here are some "catapult" songs that I'm listening to on my laptop ...

Come On Eileen. Dexys Midnight Runners. / I remember watching the video for this song on Top of the Pops every week when it was number one.

Billie Jean. Michael Jackson. / Motown 25. Before he got too weird. But he was the biggest solo star since Elvis.

Let's Dance. David Bowie. / He went from arenas to stadiums.

I Want To Hold Your Hand. The Beatles. / Then America started to notice them. Oh, just a little bit. Mania!

Angels. Robbie Williams. / He was a struggling ex-boyband guy until this song saved him. He later played three nights at Knebworth.

Live Forever. Oasis. / Noel Gallagher says this song changed everything for the band. And it did! Alan McGee says he was the only person at Creation Records who was enthusiastic about the band - at first. However, after hearing the demo of Live Forever, everyone at the label got behind Oasis and started pushing them forward. That's the power of a great song, a world-beater. Fortunately, I have five world-beaters besides And Rain Came Down. Ha!

Ah, that's enough.


Anything else? Er ... not really, kook(s). Unless you want more motivation.

Listen! You've got to motivate yourself! Find something in your life that makes you happy and gives you hope for the future. And focus on that one thing. And if the world tries to stop you, tell the world to do one!