Thursday, 2 April 2020

James Stocks

Well ...

London, 24th March: Specialist merchant bank, James Stocks & Co today announces that it has reached agreement to acquire the business and assets of Forum Capital International Limited (Forum), a corporate finance boutique which provides M&A and fundraising services to the SME sector.

So ... 'How old is this PR email, boss?!' Can't you read, idiot?! 'Tuesday last week.' So? 'Haven't you got any recent emails?' Sort of. 'What does that mean?' They're all about The Thing, Voice. 'What thing?' The Thing, man. The Thing! The thing we're all dealing with now. 'Oh, you mean -' Yes. And I don't want to write about it because I've heard that it interferes with your adverts. I mean, if you mention it, like.

Anyway ...

Tim Stocks, Managing Director of James Stocks & Co said: "The logic for this acquisition is clear and compelling. Forum is a strong strategic fit for us, providing both greater scale and diversification in our services to clients whilst increasing our exposure to a highly attractive SME sector. This transaction marks an important step in our expansion."

What?! I thought his name was James Stocks. 'That's the name of the firm, boss.' Christ. Whatever. I'll never understand these people.

Stephen Scott, Managing Director of Forum Capital International, said: "We are delighted to have found an excellent home for our proprietary SME know how, clients, collaborators and supporters. I have long admired the merchant banking model: it has never been so needed in the market. James Stocks is a fine example of this genre and I believe that its bigger platform coupled with its responsive management style will open up an exciting new chapter for our team, our clients and our business."

Okay, okay. Well, uh ... it goes without saying that I wish everyone involved the best of luck, etc, etc. 'You just said it.' Yeah, I did. Ha!

Er ... editor's notes? That's me, I suppose ...

James Stocks & Co is a merchant bank which provides companies with bespoke advisory and structured finance solutions. The bank aims to provide clients with tried and tested solutions which are grounded in a strategic analysis of the client's needs and designed for success. From inception, the bank has sought to foster long-term relationships with clients based on integrity, respect and a duty of care discharged at the highest threshold.

Fair enough.



Anything else? Music? I've been listening to my recording of And Rain Came Down this morning. It's only a rough first take, BUT(!) ... it's of much higher quality than my 2016 demo. So, I have made progress, man. A lot of progress!

You know, I can't get too angry with myself for not getting a record deal before The Thing arrived because ... it's only recently that I've been able to play, sing, and write this well.

Why wasn't I like this thirty years ago? I don't know. Mindset, I suppose. I didn't even know about motivation and self-improvement in those days. Which, uh ... brings me to the audiobooks. I don't actually need them now, but maybe I should listen to Jordan Belfort's Way Of The Wolf. It's not motivational, really. It's about using the Straight Line system to sell yourself and get what you want out of life. And let's face it ... life is an absolute mons at the moment, for all of us. 'Eh?' Oh, it's an expression from yesterday's Minder, Voice. Arthur was at a funeral, and he told the guy who had lost his wife that it was a nice service and reception or whatever. And the guy - played by Lionel Jeffries - replied: "It's an absolute mons, Arthur, as you well know."


I'm going back to Grant Cardone's The 10X Rule.