Wednesday, 1 April 2020

No finance today BECAUSE(!) ...

Because, because ... ... ... just because, man. I don't need a reason not to write about finance, do I? My blog, my rules, my life, you dig?

Anyway, music? I made a rough recording of And Rain Came Down last night. I'm really, really pleased with the song. It's not a world-beater, but it is great. As good as R.E.M.'s best song, Losing My Religion, I reckon. However, it's only my sixth best song, and it will soon be my seventh best song. This means - and I say this every year - I've got to get a record deal, ah ... this year! I mean, come on! As long as there's still a music business, of course. And a civilization.

I'm staying positive, me. And Rain Came Down is about staying positive during the bad times, so ...

Oh, I reckon I might need to get a new Zoom Handy recorder thingy. There's a slight hissing sound when I record these days. I dropped the thingy on the floor a while ago. Uh. Or maybe I should stop being so neurotic. A little hissing never hurt anyone. Just ask Robert Johnson.

I'll tell you, kook(s) ... it feels really strange not eating takeaway food any more. Do I miss it? Yes, I'm afraid I do. I love chips! However, Uncle Ben's microwave rice is really nice. Especially, the golden vegetable one. And baked potatoes, er ... in the microwave, obviously, are very nice, too.

I'm wondering if I should risk going out for a walk to my local park. Characters on Twitter are saying it's crowded all the time now. / I don't know. The park has changed anyway with all that commercial exploitation going on. You know, the sports centre, the music festivals, even business offices. The only good thing recently was the Liam Gallagher video with Eric Cantona.

Right. Let's play some tunes!

Electrolite. R.E.M.

See Emily Play. Pink Floyd.

Cosmic Dancer. T. Rex.

Wuthering Heights. Kate Bush.

Instant Karma. John Lennon.

Still Falls The Rain. Roxy Music.

Gold Dust Woman. Fleetwood Mac.

A Message To You Rudy. The Specials.

Seems So Long Ago, Nancy. Leonard Cohen.

Yeah, that's enough.


Well, I'm not going to the park today. I'm going to play my guitar after this post.

I might watch Minder and The Sweeney later.

Audiobooks? I'm not listening to any at the moment. I don't need motivation. Does that stuff even work? I don't know. 'Ha! You're so motivated these days, boss. They must work.' Yeah, yeah. Whatever.