Tuesday, 19 October 2021


Don't worry about what I said yesterday, kook(s).

Man, I keep forgetting ... if I don't write about music, that means I've got to write more about finance. 'Ha!' And who in their right mind would want to write more about finance? 'Only a complete psycho, boss.' That's right, Voice. Only a complete psycho.

I'm still doing the fresh start though. Seven days a week, 5.30am to 8.00pm. Those are my "active" hours. At least 8.00pm. Some blogging days, some recording days ... I might have to go beyond that, BUT(!) ... I need rest, you dig?

And I'm not going to double my exercise. Fifty push-ups and fifty dumbbell curls a day is enough. With rest at the weekend.

We all need rest.

Consistent slow progress is better than ... oh, chaos and craziness and despair with dumbbells and guitar strings wrapped around your head as you roll on the floor just foaming and screaming and crying your little eyes out. Who wants that? Who needs it? 'The short answer? ... NO ONE.' Thank you, Voice.

Yeah, yeah.

And the Being John Lennon audiobook is the only "entertainment" I'm allowed to have during the active hours. It takes me out of normal reality, you dig? I become a man on a mission, and not just some schmuck surviving day to day. I'd recommend it to anyone - with the audiobook of their choice, obviously. I mean, I appreciate that not everyone wants to be an international global superstar rocking and rolling legend. 'And that's their funeral, boss.' Well, yeah.

Okay, okay.

'What about your walks to Richmond or trips to central London?' Maybe once a week. Or maybe none. Certainly not twice a week.

New tunes? I haven't had any mystical musical dreams lately, so I've been trying to get bits of melody or a few chords the traditional way ... which is, uh ... just strumming the guitar and going, "La, la, la". It hasn't worked yet, I'm afraid. I only want one more big tune for my BIG TEN. ' And then?' Then I'll be reasonably happy, I suppose. 'Ha!' Yes.

Ha, ha, ha! Never mind, eh?


Update, 8.00pm: I wrote the tune for a new rock ballad today, using the traditional method, and it's definitely BIG TEN material. Rejoice! I just need three lyrics now.