Tuesday, 5 October 2021

SWEN Capital Partners makes first hydrogen investment with Lhyfe stake

Does it? Oh, okay.

PR email ...

SWEN Capital Partners, a leading provider of unlisted sustainable investment solutions, announces, through the SWEN Impact Fund for Transition ("SWIFT") its investment in Lhyfe, a world pioneer and pure player in renewable green hydrogen. It is SWEN's first deal in hydrogen; since its creation in 2019, SWIFT has mostly targeted projects related to methanization in renewable gas stations (130 to 150 methanation units supported).


SWEN Capital Partners participated in Lhyfe second funds series, which allowed the company to secure 50 million euros from SWEN Capital Partners and Banque des Territoires onboard alongside original investors. The announcement comes as Lhyfe inaugurated on Thursday September 30 its first production site in Bouin (Vendée, France). It is the first in the world to produce renewable green hydrogen using wind power on an industrial scale, and this the first of many such sites to come.


SWEN Capital Partners and Banque des Territoires joined Lhyfe's five original investors: Noria, Ovive (Les Saules Group), Ouest Croissance, Océan Participations, and the semi-public company Vendée Energie.

That's all right.

This second €50 million fundraising round will allow Lhyfe to strengthen its deployment and R&D teams, in France and abroad. Lhyfe currently employees 60 staff and shall double this figure in 2022. The company already has teams in France, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, and Portugal. These will be joined in the coming weeks by new teams in Sweden, the Netherlands, Spain, and Italy.


On the R&D front, production from offshore wind turbines will be accelerated, with the implementation of the first hydrogen production demonstrator at sea, at the SEM-REV offshore pilot site, off the coast of Le Croisic from 2022, and the development of new projects.

'Nice one!'

Obviously, the big question is ... IS ANYONE DELIGHTED?

"We are delighted to make our first hydrogen investment with SWEN Impact Fund for Transition as we deeply believe that hydrogen technologies can bring impactful solutions to the fight against climate change. With Lhyfe, we are investing in a company with a proven technology and a capacity to innovate furthermore to tackle the challenges that we face ahead", says Olivier Aubert, Managing Director at SWEN Capital Partners.

Olivier is delighted with the hydrogen investment, and he claims to speak for everyone at SWEN Capital Partners. Uh ... 'Even the guys in the post room, boss?' Well ... probably not, no. I mean, I doubt they're disgusted or anything, but ... are they delighted? I can't imagine that they are. 'Let's be honest, boss. The post room guys don't give a toss about any of this.' Well ...

Never mind, eh?



Anything else?

Everything is a shitshow. Maybe that's why I'm so happy these days[?]. Because there's nothing to fix. There's nothing to be sad about. There's nothing to be attached to.

It is what it is, man.

We are free now.

One day, we will float off into the cosmos. [I will, anyway.]

And music is a part of me, by the way. It's not separate. So I'm not attached to it. You dig? I am music!

Or maybe this is just a passing mood ...

I don't know.


Oh, one more thing ...

The cosmos has definitely got a sense of humour. I had a musical dream the other night: a chorus, words and music ... a Christmas song!

Ha! I'm not writing it.