Thursday, 28 October 2021


Why is this post titled, Yippee! ... ? Ha! Because it's the end of the week, you silly thing(s)! [Christ. I can't get the readers.]

Anyway ...

I've been thinking ... if I can finish my BIG TEN soon, all of those songs will have come out of the chaos of my life - a bit like Francis Bacon with his messy studio. Nothing has been neat and tidy and organized and controlled. I'm just a big cosmic mess, you dig?

Is that the true nature of creativity?

Ah, who cares?! It's results that matter, ain't it?

Any aspiring artist should watch that Waterloo film with Rod Steiger, and/or Sharpe's Waterloo.

That's the reality of creating art, man: Dodging bullets. Fighting through the smoke. Not knowing what the hell is going on. Not knowing if you're winning or losing. Until the battle is over. Or until the battles are over. And the war is won?

For me, every single song I've completed (and kept) is a battle I've won. You dig?

I need three lyrics. That's all. (I've got titles, concepts, two complete choruses, bits of lines ...)

I'm riding to glory! 'Just like Paul Bettany in Sharpe's Waterloo, boss!' Ha! / Actually, Bettany had a small part in a Wycliffe repeat the other week. He looked very young, like a teenager.

Anyway ...

Anything else?

I've bought the first series of This Life for my phone. It meant deleting a few films. I definitely need a bigger SD card.

Anything else?

I haven't been out for a walk this week. I think it's going to rain for the next three days. That's a shame.

Anything else?

Sometimes my push-ups are really easy in the morning, and sometimes they're really hard. Why is that? Maybe it's all psychological.

Anything else?

I'm going to cut out the Kronenbourg and Stella. Beer leaves me breathless. That's no good for my singing.

Anything else?

It's difficult to play the acoustic guitar standing up, BUT(!) ... I've been getting much better at it lately. Progress!

Anything else?

One more thing ...

Have a nice weekend, kook(s)!