Wednesday, 28 May 2008

50 UBS bankers warned to stay away from the US

UBS has told members of its former private banking team to give America a wide berth. Apparently, the US authorities have a penchant for arresting UBS employees. Will the bankers listen though?

We all remember the disaster a few years ago on the Yorkshire moors, don't we? Those twenty or so UBS bankers on that team-building exercise were warned not to go on to the moors. They were told to stick to the road. They were even told: 'Beware the moon, lads'. But did they listen? Did they fuck! Most of them died. A few of them are still working in London.

I have been speaking to Susan Flint from Bad Moon Investments, and she told me, 'I know a couple of the survivors, and they are lovely guys. I won't hear a word said against them. Some of the rumours are disgusting. They wouldn't harm a fly.'