Thursday, 1 May 2008

Bank of England: the worst is OVER!

Recession? Forget about it! There ain't gonna be no fucking recession. How many times do I have to tell you arseholes? I'm not referring to all the readers who agree with me. You guys are the children of god. You're kosher in my book. I'm talking about the arseholes who have been wetting themselves over the credit crunch. All the nutjob doom-mongers and professional cry babies. You know who you are.

The Bank of England has come out now and said that the correction in the credit markets has gone too far. It believes the worst of the global crisis is over. Well, better late than never, but where have these muthas been for the last few months? Can't they read a simple blog? Don't they know about the internet? If they had been following me, the nuts at the Bank of England would have known ages ago that the global credit crisis wasn't shit. People have been panicking about nothing. THERE WILL NOT BE A RECESSION. How do I know this? For crying out loud, I'm the man! I'm the money king. I can do anything. I'm in touch with Big Herb and Ganesh. Those gods are backing me to the hilt. Jesus Christ himself could come off the cross and have a go at me, but I'm untouchable with this sort of support. NO ONE CAN TOUCH ME. AND I KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT MONEY. I see money moving in my dreams. That's how tuned in I am. And you wanna tell me I don't know shit about no recession or credit crunch? Are you for real? Get the fuck outta here!