Monday, 12 May 2008

Citi: dreams never sleep

O Citi, Citi, glorious Citigroup - dreams never sleep! Citi never sleeps! Maybe we dream of opening a business. Maybe we dream of enriching our lives. Maybe we dream of crawling through the desert while vultures circle above us!

Our dreams are always there! Where? In the desert, my friend. And Citi shamans and mystics are always wide awake! They are the awakened ones!

O Citi, Citi, glorious Citigroup - your children are burning in the desert! The fire of money has taken their dreams to the astral desert and they are burning now with love for you and for everyone with wild flames flickering as if hell itself were open in the minds of us all. But this is not hell. Oh no, it is a mystical burning like we've never seen! O my children, my brothers, my sisters, let us dance and sing, and pray to Big Herb. Let us bless Citi, and let Citi burn with money, and let the money burn us, and then we shall sleep while we are still awake! Just imagine it! We shall sleep while we are still awake! How? Why? Where? In the fire of Citi's money with dreams that never sleep! O Citi, you never sleep! YOU NEVER SLEEP!