Thursday, 29 May 2008

Frederic Mishkin quits the Federal Reserve

The Fed governor Fred Mishkin has quit the US central bank. This leaves the chairman Ben Bernanke in the shit, as they were close allies. Ben needs all the friends he can get at this difficult time. Well, I'll be his friend. I've told him that.

As for Fred, everyone wants to know what he is going to do now. Some newspaper reckons he is returning to Columbia University, and spending more time with his wife. Nonsense. Even though I haven't been able to contact Fred, I have managed to speak to a friend of his at the Fed and he told me, 'Fred ain't going back to no friggin' university. Forget about that. And he ain't spending no time with his wife. Freddy boy is heading for the desert, and he is going to have himself a wild time. He's been reading your blog and it has really screwed his head up. He couldn't concentrate on his work. All he was saying was - Big Herb knows the truth, Ganesh knows the truth, Michael Fowke knows the truth, I need to know the truth, I need to burn in the desert with money swirling around me.'

Well, it happens. It happens to the best of them. That's the danger of my blog. There are some squares in this world who have been working in finance their whole lives, and nothing has touched them or made them think. Then one day they are browsing the internet when Money is the way hits them like a fucking train. Their whole world is smashed to pieces and then reassembled in the fire of my love and the mystical burning of money. Some of them can't cope. They pack in their jobs. They leave their wives. They sell their children. I just hope Mr Mishkin can find himself in the desert.