Thursday, 8 May 2008

Noam Gottesman: the distressed space

The boss of GLG, Noam Gottesman, has been understandably depressed since the departure of the amazing Greg Coffey. But he says we should now: 'Expect an impressive hire in the distressed space.'

I imagine a lot of you are wondering what this 'distressed space' is. You would be forgiven for thinking that Mr Gottesman had lost his mind. But let me explain. The distressed space is a hole in our soul. A hole in our consciousness. It is within us. It is also outside of us. It is the cosmos. It is the consciousness of the cosmos. The soul is within and without. Sometimes we feel sad. Sometimes we feel happy. But we always operate within the distressed space. We must grow and learn in this space, and we must go on a journey. The journey is the journey of destiny, of fire, and - ultimately - money. This is the distressed space. We live here.