Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Dawnay, Day Investment Banking: the future!

Some exciting news! Dawnay, Day - a property and financial services group - is setting up an investment bank. Its corporate finance and corporate broking businesses are going to be merged into Dawnay, Day Investment Banking (DDIB). Drinks all round!

This is a very brave move by Peter Klimt and Guy Naggar. I just hope they can succeed in the present climate. And that's why I have prepared a blessing for them. These guys need all the help they can get.

O Big Herb, O Ganesh, I call on you, money gods supreme, to bless Dawnay, Day Investment Banking. You know it makes sense. Peter and Guy need you! Do not abandon them in the vast vastness of the cosmos. It's cold out there! Warm them up with the fire of money. Guy has already conceded that DDIB could lose money in its first year. No! No! No! You must stop this! It will not be their evil fate to lose money.

O Big Herb, O Ganesh, I spoke to Jesus last night, and saw him in a vision. That bloke is about as useful as a chocolate teapot. I told him about Peter and Guy. He just stared at me blankly and said that he couldn't help. O money gods, what a disgrace! You must do something.

O Big Herb, O Ganesh, bless Peter Klimt. That man has a beautiful soul.

O Big Herb, O Ganesh, bless Guy Naggar. I wouldn't say he had a beautiful soul, but he's not a bad lad. Please help him.